Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doing Awesome Things

I thought I'd post some wonderful updates after that ugly story from yesterday. The blog title comes from our first update, in which one of our wonderful adopters had some very nice compliments for me and ended with 'Keep doing awesome things!'
So first up - that awesome young guy Beans (edited just to make room for more updates!):
Hi there, I love your blog - I read every entry. I think it's so amazing what you do for these animals and TAS. I understood from when I went there by just talking to the staff that you have a huge impact on these animals, the staff and the whole centre. (Aw, thanks guys!)
I have renamed Beans to Benji. I was inspired by the little Benji I met when I came there. He is doing really great. I brought him for a check up at the vet, and he received a clean bill of health. He was a little shy at first when it came to petting and picking up, but has learned that I give really good head scratches and ear rubs, and now he happily accepts them.
He is a really energetic bun and I love the way he stays so still and then has a quick run and a binky. His litter habits are awesome. Right now he and my other rabbit are living in separate pens in the same room. Benji has shown my other rabbit a little aggression through the pen's bars when he's gotten a chance, but I remain positive that they will bond.
Benji is a lovely rabbit - beautiful, with a soft, shiny coat, bright eyes, lots of energy and a friendly, quirky personality. I am happy to know he had you to love him while he was at the adoption site. I am really happy to have him as part of our family.
All the best to you and keep doing awesome things
Then we have an update on the two girls from Louise's litter (remember our rat family?). I'd like to point out that this adopter also fostered Maisy from the hoarder and went through the heartbreak of losing her, so I am super glad she now has these beautiful girls in her family, and that these beautiful girls have such a wonderful home:
Hi there Laura! I thought I'd send you an update on the two girl rats that we adopted from the TAS in August. We named them Whiskey (white blaze girl) and Kilo (Black hooded). They are named after two minor characters from the (short lived) show Dollhouse. They are doing great! They were a bit nervous when they first came home, but they've warmed up to us. They've brought us a lot of joy after losing Maisy. I've attached photos for you too.
Then finally we have an update on Mocha the dove! A bird update! I am so excited, I loved Mocha, and from the sounds of it, he is definitely living the good life now!
Hi Laura & Feathered Friends!
Recently my husband and I picked up Mocha at the TAS and we can't stop telling everyone how amazing it is to have a dove. Mocha has been such a wonderful little guy. He loves to hang out on top of his bird cage, take hot baths, eat fresh sprouts and shredded carrots as well as singing his coos and dancing around. He will nap on your chest if you give his low neck and shoulders a little massage. He is also a big explorer and with our two story loft with 17ft ceilings and lots of windows, he has had no problem finding places to discover. I'm just so happy that he was at the TAS!! Here are some pics to post, too!

I love taking his photo. He is a total natural in front of the camera! Hello Hollywood...or should I say Doviewood! Thanks again for your blog which was another reason why I couldn't resist Mocha!
Ok, can I just say these are absolutely beautiful photos of him? I noticed how much Mocha seemed to enjoy his photo being taken at the shelter, but man - these photos put mine to shame! This is my favourite:
So cute!
I also have a great update on Coraline, but I'll have to save it for another day because I think this blog post is getting out of control!
I may be doing some good, but I think it's these amazing adopters who are really "doing awesome things". And I couldn't be more thankful that those awesome things are taking place at our shelter!


Anonymous said...

Quotation from Mother Teresa:
"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."

Keep on dripping!


gracerock said...

I am so happy to hear about all of these adoptions, ESPECIALLY our former foster rats (now Whiskey and Kilo)! It sounds like they found an amazing home, and we couldn't be happier! Congrats to all of the adoptees! :D

MacphailMaverickTL said...

I love hearing these "happily ever after" stories. They are so uplifting! All of those photos are gorgeous too - well done Laura, TAS South and the new homes!

Modern Girl Style said...

Hurray for all the little guys getting adopted! As the proud owner of Mocha, I was so happy to see this post and his pics posted to share! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful blog! I only wish I had more space to grab more little critters! XOXO!!

Kylie said...

What a cute little animals. I have a rabbit at home and it is such an accomplishment for me to see her gotten so big after we have found her scared on the street. Finding a home is such a dream... so we build her a rabbit hutch which she can call her own.