Saturday, November 6, 2010


We have a new rabbit! This handsome girl was transferred from Etobicoke yesterday, which is ok, because amazingly we actually had a space for her. This is because Carroll finally went home with one our volunteers, Coraline was adopted, and her two sons were too! Seuss and Benji were adopted (together!) a few days ago. That just leaves Munchkin in my little family.

Anyway, my friend at the shelter decided to name this pretty new girl 'Tapioca'. Which is the perfect name! But all I can think when I hear 'Tapioca' is this clip:

If you don't know the show, it probably won't be as funny to you. Also, if you don't know Whose Line Is It Anyway, go watch it right now! They're all on Youtube and it's the funniest show in the world.
Anyway, now I'm going to be imitating the amazing Colin Mochrie every time I see this rabbit. "Tapiooooooooca!"

Fun fact: I met Colin Mochrie when I was a kid! His son was in a choir I competed against at the Kiwanis festival. He and his wife (who is also a hilarious improv performer) sat right behind my mom, and they came over to meet my choir after the performance! They are super nice people.
That has been your celebrity tidbit of the day.

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