Friday, November 5, 2010

Strange Encounters

Bellatrix finds rabbits fascinating. She gets really excited whenever there's a rabbit on the table and always wants to touch noses with them. I've found rabbits generally either like hamsters or ignore them, so I usually let her say hi to them.
I thought this was really cute. Kayla was just as interested as Bellatrix was (for a minute, anyway).
They're complete opposites in colour - Bella's all black and Kayla's all white. They make a cute couple!
I love her little paw up there. She decided Kayla was getting too far into the cage and pushed her nose with her paw. Yeah, Bellatrix, because you can take that rabbit who is five times your size...

Andrea also wanted to say hi! Maybe a bit too much...
Um, yeah. Don't worry, I moved Bella to a safe place before taking the photo.
I kind of want to print this photo and put it up in the Room with a sign that says 'Not Appropriate Housing for Rabbits'.

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Kylie said...

I think that is a start of a very good friendship. What a great encounter indeed... I am sure sooner or later Kayla will be accommodating Bellas in her rabbit hutch. The nose to nose thing is the key to a closer relationship lol.