Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update on Fuzzy!

Fuzzy was possibly my favourite guinea pig ever, so I was thrilled to get an update on him from his awesome new family!
Hi Laura!
I adopted Fuzzy the guinea pig from the TAS South shelter. Not only am I proud to send you an update on my sweet little boy, but as a small animal lover, I have also become an addict of your blog!
Having had almost every animal under the sun growing up, I only got my first guinea pig about 10 years ago. My whole family immediately fell in love with their sweet dispositions, friendly noises, and cuddly little bodies. Last year, I got a darling little boy who was sick with respiratory infections for his whole (short) life. After many vet visits, much medication and lots of love, my little Wally slipped away after only 5 months. We were devastated and took a long time before we were ready to adopt a new friend.
When we decided it was time for another guinea pig, I spent lots of time looking online and visiting shelters to find the right fit. Being very familiar with the signs of illness, I was overly paranoid when it came to health. However, little Fuzzy caught my eye on the TAS website, and I stopped in that same day after work. I was delighted at the extremely clean shelter, friendly staff, and healthy animals. You do wonderful work there!
Fuzzy started wheeking the minute he was in my arms - he literally had me at hello! I took him home to the space I had prepared in advance in anticipation of finding the perfect friend. He immediately seemed to love it, running around the large cage like a track star, digging into pellets, darting in and out of his cardboard tube, and barely letting me put fresh timothy hay in the cage, grabbing it out of my hands.
He is the most delightful little guy. I don't think we've ever had a happier guinea pig. My parents are in love, and my boyfriend treats him like a prince. My mom is sick and we are caring for her at home; Fuzzy's squeaking and visits bring her so much delight! My mom has a regular caregiver who comes every day; even she has fallen in love, and is now searching for the perfect guinea pig for her family! I told Fuzzy that he is a very charming guinea pig ambassador.
I am pleased to tell you that Fuzzy had his first visit to his vet last night, and has a sparkling clean health report. Even though I didn't doubt that you took excellent care of him during his time there, I was nervous given our past experience.
Thank you so much for taking in Fuzzy, giving him a loving environment and helping him find a new home. I hope he loves us as much as we love him!
I have attached a picture of Fuzzy enjoying his favourite snack (he can smell a piece of romaine coming a mile away!). Thank you again!

Go Fuzzy! We almost never get guinea pig updates (guinea pigs and birds are the least likely to send updates for some reason). It was so great to read this! Obviously Fuzzy has a wonderful home - as we like to say at the shelter, he's been upgraded.

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