Friday, September 17, 2010

Here a Pig, There a Pig

I can't believe how long we went without a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are usually as guaranteed to be in the Room as rabbits. But I checked - our last guinea pig was in May. We managed to go pig-less for over three months!
But of course it couldn't last! That's okay. Guinea pigs are friendly, popular and easy to adopt out. Meet Harley - he's only nine months old and he's already been dumped. Sheesh. People don't really think about the fact that a guinea pig will live to be up to 8 years old! Harley is a little skittish, but that's ok. He just needs a little patience.
Now this was the weirdest thing. After a three-month dry spell, Harley was surrendered on September 7th. Then, two days later, someone brings in three more guinea pigs. Waldo, that handsome (and very talkative!) boy up there, was one of them. Unfortunately the other two were girls. Of course.
This is Winnie (the lighter one) and Piglet (the smaller one). I'm fairly certain Winnie is Piglet's mom, as Piglet's quite young. I'm also fairly certain that one or both of these girls are going to be new moms in the near future, thanks to Mr Waldo and some very clueless owners.
Hee, I love this photo. Piglet is so sneaky, stealing her mom's lettuce.
Luckily, Grace, our awesome foster mom, stepped forward to help these guys out. Grace and her husband fostered Lucy the bunny (from the hoarder) and Thelma & Louise and their whole family. They are life-savers! Fingers crossed that these girls turn out to be pregnancy-free, but I think we all know that's wishful thinking.
But wait - there's more! The day after the family of three arrived, another guinea pig was brought to the Room. This is Fuzzy. He has adorable markings, a very sweet face, and a great personality, and he's coming to the adopt-a-thon with us tomorrow.

So, I think we have successfully caught up on our guinea pig quota. And then some.

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