Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Bunny Bonanza

It's a baby bunny post, but it's not about my foster babies. Right now, there are 5 baby bunnies between the ages of 3-6 months at the shelter. What the heck? At Easter time, or even shortly after Christmas, I would understand. But September?
Anyway, they're adorable and irresistible, so whatever. It's certainly not the worst trend ever.
Remember this little guy? His name is Claudius now, and he just got back from his awesome foster home. He got neutered yesterday, but he won't be with us long. Someone has already decided to adopt him so he should be gone in a few days!
Beans arrived at the shelter at about 5 mos of age. He's been with us a month now and has beefed up considerably, as they tend to do when they hit 6 mos. He's lost his 'baby looks', but he is a handsome boy with a gorgeous coat and a very outgoing personality, so I think he'll do just fine.
These guys just showed up today. I'd guess they're about 4-5 mos old, and I don't even know what gender they are - although judging by the size difference, I'm guessing we have one of each. These guys are not going to have the easiest time - white with red eyes, already pretty big, I'm pretty sure they're New Zealand rabbits. The New Zealand is a big breed, the traditional meat/lab rabbit, and they always have a tough time finding homes. Luckily, these guys seem to have winning personalities.
And then we have Noddy, whom I just adore. Seriously. He (I think it's a he) is the cutest thing ever, he's so fluffy and friendly and he has such big ears! Aww. He's also the youngest, at around 3 mos old. I predict he will last five minutes before being adopted.

Adopt-a-thon @ Kennel Cafe today! We'll be bringing two-three rabbits, a guinea pig and two hamsters, as well as about a billion cats (seriously, we have a lot of cages set up). Fingers crossed for a big success!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! :) Keeping those sweet bunnies in my thoughts hoping for good homes.

Caroline said...

The baby bunnies are probably discards from the summer holidays, parents buy them for their kids and come September they don't want the work.

tori said...

what kind of bunny is Noddy?