Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

And boy, are we ever busy! TAS is doing an awesome Christmas campaign this year, called 'The 12 Strays of Christmas'. Three animals were picked from each of the four shelters and put on the website with adorable little write-ups. If there's one area where I always feel TAS is too lax, it's advertising, but they're really pushing this campaign. It's on the radio, it's everywhere, it's great! For our shelter, we have two cats, Cinnamon and Barton. Barton miraculously - and I mean miraculously - got adopted before the campaign ever started.
And I'm very proud to say that we have a rabbit as one of our animals - Mr Lewis himself! That is not his official photo, it's just a result of me torturing him (he's such a good sport, that boy!) while warming up for the big Christmas photoshoot. It's going to be massive, people. I've been buying out the dollar stores.
Back to the campaign - I'm astonished a rabbit was even included and I think it reflects really well on the consideration TAS South gives our small animals, so woohoo! I was actually contacted by a higher-up at TAS to post the 12 Strays on our Facebook page, so you can go read their stories there, day by day. I'm thrilled to say that besides Barton, three others have already been adopted!
I've been wanting to do something fundraiser-y with my photos for a long time. I mean, I have hundreds of photos of TAS animals just sitting on my computer. So for the holidays, I made them into Christmas cards! Each one has one of my favourite shelter photos, and a little write-up inside about the animal - each card features an animal who was adopted from our shelter in the last year. And they're actually selling! We've sold 7 so far, at $4 a piece. That's $28! Not a huge amount or anything, but I'm just excited that people want them. Pretty cool!
And finally, in Christmas-y news, Bunspace has a great campaign where they send bags of treats and toys to shelters who sign up to receive them. I signed up (of course!), and they sent me a note saying they were in the mail December 1st. I was a little worried that they never showed up, but yesterday they finally arrived! It turned out the box had gotten lost (and also pretty crushed - thanks Canada Post!).
These things are great. Each one has a toilet paper roll stuffed with hay, a vine ball (Munchkin loved that), a willow ring, a beautiful wood-and-rope toy that Lewis and Ash just went nuts over, a bunch of treats and more stuff I can't remember. They are just wonderful! We don't have as many rabbits now as we did when I ordered them (and each bag is so full), so we'll be able to spread them across the holidays, making sure each rabbit who comes in will get some. HUGE thanks to the volunteers of Bunspace!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Awwww -- well it is a good thing that some buns have gotten adopted, so like you said, other buns can benefit and lots of sharing will be going on. Thank you for a lovely blog and all that you do there!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally Awesome! We are so very glad that the bunnies enjoyed their bags so much. Thank you all for what you do for all our fellow bunnies. God bless you all.