Sunday, December 19, 2010


For any fans of the show 'How I Met Your Mother', doppelganger is a very familiar term. I felt like I had inadvertently stumbled on a crowd of doppelgangers this week, as a bunch of look-alikes showed up in the Room.
First, my beautiful girl Munchkin finally found a home of her own! Now all of Coraline's family have been adopted! She was adopted by real rabbit people, who have a neutered male at home and hope to bond them. The woman was very knowledgeable and didn't mind Munchkin's grumpy little personality at all!
Literally the next day, this little guy was found running around a busy intersection. Yeah, that's a different rabbit. His name is now Elf and his personality is totally different than Munchkin's - he loves to lick fingers and he's very pushy about attention. Elf is now in Munchkin's cage and I've called him Munchkin about a million times. He's a lighter shade and has a heavier build, but he has her face almost exactly.
Then this sweet girl was transferred to the Room from our North York shelter. Dottie has been waiting two months and hopefully she'll get more attention at our shelter. She is a stunningly gorgeous rabbit - which naturally made me think of my boy Magic.
That's my little boy Magic up there. The markings aren't the same at all, but the 'style' is the same, with that striking black and white contrast. Dottie has the same mannerisms as Magic, but the craziest thing is that they have the same eyes. The exact same shade of blue, the same look in them.
Then we have Noelle, an older Rex who arrived the same day as Elf and has an absolutely horrid story to tell, which I'll write about tomorrow. Noelle has just totally captured my heart, and I have to admit that's partially because she's a complete clone of my older boy Giles.
I couldn't find the best photo to show it off, but they are identical. They have the same coloured fur, the same chunky body, the same box-shaped head. Their faces are completely the same. They have the same disgruntled, I-like-being-petted-but-I'm-going-to-act-annoyed attitude. The only noticeable differences are the ears and the fact that she's a Rex.
A lot of people think rabbits mostly look the same, but once you're comfortable with them, each one has a very distinct face. It blew me away to find three sets of 'twins' in one week!
Meanwhile, the Room has been a whirlwind of activity lately, mostly in a good way. We found little Dancer (above), the escaped dwarf baby! One of the dwarf pairs, Comet & Prancer, was adopted to an absolutely wonderful home. Tapioca was also adopted, amazingly! Bogart the Rex was sent to Rabbit Rescue, and Bellatrix and Shade have been sent to Pet Valu to hopefully find homes of their own.
And one final shot of doppelganger-ism...I was moving cages around and Luna and Marble ended up beside each other. Wow, they look alike! It looks like there's a mirror (a dirty, plastic mirror) there!


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Mom Coraline: Happy to hear that my little Munchkin has a home for the holidays!

I am doing great and almost have my humans trained. However, dinner last night was 1/2 hr late! Good thing they made up for it by putting extra carrots in my bowl.

I have also become an excellent interior decorator. My style is "early distressed".

Finally, my bunny buddy Boxer and I realized that the home office space was far to organized so we have inserted a proper dose of chaos and dishevelment to the whole area. Along the way we also had a grand game of 'Toss the pad of sticky notes'.

Hoppy Holidays!

Laura HP said...

Excellent to hear from Coraline! I'm so glad she's still having tons of fun :)
Haha, her son Magic has that same knack for interior decorating - it must be a genetic thing!