Sunday, December 12, 2010

Find Them a Good Home

I think we must get more hamsters than any other shelter. It's flabbergasting, the steady intake we have - and they always arrive in groups! Another 6 hamsters arrived yesterday.
A cat rescue was doing adoptions at a Pet Valu near me (not the one working with our shelter) when one of their people found a cardboard box sitting outside the door. It was sitting in the freezing rain, the cardboard quickly falling apart, and it contained a litter of baby dwarf hamsters. It had a note on it that said "I hope you find them a good home."
Um, really?
Were you expecting the Pet Valu to do that before or after they died of hypothermia and/or got eaten by a raccoon?
There are five little ones who I'd guess to be about 3 weeks old - old enough to be weaned but still awfully young for a shelter - and an adult male (dad?). Mom's not with them for some reason. They're all cute as buttons and friendly enough for their age. That's Donner up there, the only male baby.
This one is Dancer, one of the female babies. Hey, it's the holidays, how could I resist naming them after Santa's reindeer? I split the group into pairs so (A) we could tell them apart, and (B) they could be adopted out with a buddy. I hate seeing dwarf hamsters go by themselves. You just have to be super careful you've sexed them properly.
This is Blitzen, she's paired with Dancer up there. The black ones (Blitzen, Comet and Donner) have just adorable markings, little white stripes on their backs. The pairs are Blitzen and Dancer (girls), Comet and Prancer (girls), Rudolph and Donner (dad & boy baby).
And this is Prancer. Rudolph, the dad, has the same markings as the brown girls. I have to say, the brown guys look exactly like my Peggy, except for the fact that they have four legs and two ears.

People are such twits. "Find them a good home", but I'm just going to dump my fragile, tiny babies that are the size of a thumb, in the freezing rain in a box. Brilliant. Good thing these little guys are tough.


gracerock said...

Cuteness x6! All of my quickly decaying will power is holding me back from adopting Dancer and Blitzen. Gah! I could squeeze them (in a safe, hamster-friendly fashion)!!

gracerock said...

P.S. People are, as always, useless.