Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two By Two

It's exam time, so I'm even more scatter-brained than I normally am! The posts will be, um, sporadic for the next week or two. But of course the shelter doesn't slow down!
We have two new pairs who were transferred to the Room in the past week. First up was a pair of male rabbits who were dumped outside the Etobicoke Humane Society (charming!). They were dumped together, but they didn't seem too pleased about that, so they're now separate.
This very handsome boy is named Bogart. He came with the name and it's awesome. I'm assuming he's named after the actor, not the Harry Potter creature, because he is not remotely frightening. He's a Rex and a total sweetheart.
He also came in with horrendous nails. I mean, look at that. They look like mini scimitars. Happily, he now has nails of normal length and is much more comfortable hopping around!
Ash is the other Etobicoke rabbit. Isn't he cute as a button? I love his white feet and nose. He has a lovely face. A very active boy, he's quite nice, although a bit shyer than Bogart.
And then two poofy chinchillas were transferred to us! Man, what is with the chinchillas? They're like doves! You'd think you only get them once a year, if that, but we've had 5 in the past year alone. Sheesh. These two are a bonded pair and are unfortunately male and female, so we are trying to figure out if it's possible to neuter the male. They really love each other, and we'd like to avoid separating them if at all possible. Luckily, chinchillas are not the manic breeders other rodents are, so it's slightly less of a concern.
Aren't they just adorable? The male is Romeo and quite scruffy-looking and shy, while the female is Juliet. She's a very in-charge kind of gal! They are 5 years old and were surrendered by their last owners for reasons unknown. They're super outgoing, friendly and gentle.

Meanwhile, everyone else has been shuffled around. Rascal the rat, and Swiffer & Sparkles the guinea pigs are at Pet Valu. Andrea & Valentino the rabbits are at Petsmart. Marbles the hamster and the three girl rats were all returned from foster today.
Sheesh, with all these locations, it's getting hard to keep track!