Monday, March 28, 2011

Candlelight Photos

Yesterday was Earth Hour, a mostly symbolic event to turn out the lights for an hour and promote energy conservation. In honour of the event, we did what we do best - a photoshoot!
 Our gang was not impressed.
The idea was to take photos in the dark, with only flashlights and battery-operated 'candles' providing any light. It was an experiment! They aren't the best photos ever but I thought they were neat.

 One problem, however, was that the flashlights made the stuffed animals look remarkably creepy. Especially that monkey. The eyes follow you, it's disturbing. I love this photo - Loki's like, "They're right behind me, aren't they?"
Cap'n Jack revealed a new-found love of lettuce during the shoot, and was unusually cooperative. Jack is the sweetest hamster in the world, but he never sits still.
The three dwarf boys were much worse, however. Al was the only one to sit still, and unfortunately he sat right in front of the flashlight. The end result was this photo, where he looks like the Ghost of Hamsters Past, plus enormous whiskers. And Jamie's blurred form running away in the background.
So the hamsters weren't a success, how about the rabbits? Neville was completely alarmed by the whole experience, and I don't know why. I mean, he likes stuffed animals normally, he got treats and he can see in the dark. Yet for some reason he acted like we were trying to murder him.
Unlike his younger brother, Giles did not try to run, but instead settled on giving us the Look of Death (a specialty of his).
At least Martha the Eternally Pregnant Foster Guinea Pig will pose for food!
I completely forgot that Bailey is terrified of the dark, but he actually did quite well once he focused on the treats. It's good to get him used to the dark sometimes, because otherwise he tries to fly and it's dangerous. I don't really want him running into walls if the power ever happens to go out.
But the star of the night was Loki. She decided to go into 'defensive posture' for reasons known only to her, and it certainly made for a hilarious photo. There is nothing funnier than a cockatiel trying to look tough.
"OMG It's Earth Hour!!!!"
Ah well. Not every photoshoot can be a success!


Anonymous said...

LOL...that's hilarious. Love the endangered animals.

Marg said...

Ha, ha, Loki is so tough!

Blogger said...

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