Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update on Peach, Kirby & Zelda

Remember these three? Peach, Kirby and Zelda were my favourite rats to arrive at the shelter, and after a pregnancy scare (thankfully just a scare!) they were soon adopted. Recently, Nicola at the shelter received an awesome update from their new mom:
Hi Nicola!I'm half of the adoptive parents of Peaches, Zelda and Kirby - who kind of go by different names now. Peaches is still Peaches. Kirby has become Smeeps - she answers to it, so we're guessing she likes the name, and Zelda became Kirby - it just suited her better. She also gets called 'Ro-baby. My son insists she be calle Kir-baby though.
I'm attaching the pics I promised. Peaches in her 'castle', the babies hanging out in their "pad", attacking a candy cane at Christmas...there are a few! "Mako" in one of the pictures is one of their new sisters. Her and Peaches normally scrap it out over Mako's favourite hammock, but their scrapping is noisy and painless - we always find them snuggled up together when they settle down and go to sleep. They really do act like siblings.
She also said she'd be happy to adopt more rats in the future! What a great home the girls found. I love the photos, especially of Peaches hanging out in her castle - adorable! And check out that fancy cage!

I forgot to mention this, but a while ago I ran into the woman who adopted Hudson and Arizona. They were renamed Bentley and Jethro and man were they living the spoiled life! They are eating a better diet than I am, and get daily exercise and cuddles.
Last week, we heard how Ben's doing, this week it's the girls. I love rat people!


Molly said...

Aw, this is a great update! I love the picture with one of them sleeping in the little soft house in their cage with her arm hanging out the side, oh so casually! I've never been a rat person, but these updates are starting to change my mind!

gracerock said...

Eeeee, our foster girls!! So glad to hear they are doing well. They were hilarious, mischevious fosters to have, and it's so great to know they landed themselves an amazing home. Hooray!

Scar-casm said...

Hi! I'm the "mom" of Peaches, Smeeps and Ro'Baby. Sadly, Ro developed a tumour and after having it removed, she developed complications and passed. She is now playing at the rainbow bridge. Smeeps and Peaches are still going strong and loving life with their cagemates. They're still spoiled and all kinds of loved up. Peaches is a little squeaky when picked up, but once she's up, she likes a quick cuddle and then off to explore once more! Smeeps is our puppy. She will lay in our arms and brux and boggle for as long as we let her. They "ate" their soft house and we're looking for a replacement - can't even find one in the toy aisle! But they love their "ferret cubes" and home-made hammocks (with pockets!) to snuggle and stash their munchies in. :) They are such sweet girls.

Scar-casm said...

Just leaving this quick comment 'cause I forgot to click "Email follow up" ;)