Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin Go Bragh

It's St Patrick's Day! The day everyone pretends to be Irish and gets drunk! It's a marvellous day to be sure. Like most people, I am Irish - 10 generations back, but still my family insists on saying 'Erin go bragh' and 'Slainte' on March 17th as though we know Gaelic.
I'm just kidding, I love St Patty's Day and I love saying 'Slainte'  and getting weird looks. And of course, a holiday means...
A holiday photo shoot! Due to some unfortunate timing, we missed Valentine's Day, so it's been quite a while since we did one of these. I have to say, it's not our best, but at least some of them turned out. That's Mac up there, looking a little alarmed to be trapped in an explosion of green.
His sister Rosie did not pose so nicely, but I laughed when I saw this photo of her nose shoved in a shot glass. How could I resist posting that one?
I don't think I've posted Holly & Ivy here before - they're a bonded pair of sisters, sweet as can be. Ivy is the darker one and quite a bit shyer. Holly on the other hand is very outgoing...which is why we could do this:
Look at that bow! Ha, I don't think she was very pleased but it was unbearably cute.
Harry the hamster is just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, I love him. As long as we put treats inside, he was very obliging about sticking his nose into a shot glass.
But this is my absolute favourite, it makes me laugh. This is Bella, a very grumpy rabbit who does not want to be at the shelter. So we tortured her with this photoshoot and now she's even more grumpy! No, just kidding, we bribed her and she enjoyed the treats. I do love her disgruntled face, though.
We got another cat! Actually we tried to do a few cats, but understandably they wanted nothing to do with us. Magnum here was the only one to stay still, probably because he's a big lazy guy who doesn't move much. But isn't he stunningly handsome? He's like a plus-size supermodel cat.
Of course, now that I had this adorable bow, I had to try it out on my guys at home. For some unfathomable reason, Neville kept trying to take it off (never mind that I kept saying how handsome he looked).
But Giles will sell his soul for a treat. That's my boy!
Happy St Patrick's Day!

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