Monday, April 18, 2011

Pancakes & Punk Rock

Check out that hairdo!
We got two new personalities in the Room last week. This little girl was one of them. While she arrived with the name 'Bella', it drives everyone crazy to have two animals with the same name and there was already a Bella (although she's now been transferred to THS). Therefore, this little one is now named Lizzie.
I like to call her 'Frizzy Lizzie'. I know the whole point of the Abyssinian breed is to have a bad hair day everyday, but that's ridiculous. She's also just over a month old and still a baby, so you know...beyond adorable.
It always cracks me up that guinea pigs can look totally different on each side.
Lizzie will grow up fast, but right now she practically fits in the palm of your hand, and I have no doubt she will find a home faster than you can say "Punk rock".
Our other newbie is this three-year-old Holland Lop, Pancakes. Pancakes is not very pleased to be in the shelter, and I'm pretty sure she was treated like a princess in her last home. Her incoming card notes that she had lots of playtime with her last owners' small child. She is a super affectionate girl, but like many rabbits, hates being picked up. Get down to her level and she will be tooth-purring for you in no time.
Unfortunately for her, she also has ear mites, but they are easy to treat. I think they were making her a little grumpy - they itch like crazy!

There are some big things coming up for the shelter - kitten season has begun, the Easter rush is right around the corner, and we're exploring some new options for adoption events. It's beginning to feel like summer (even though it keeps snowing - what is up with that?).

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gracerock said...

Lizzie looks crazy town in the best possible way. Love her! xo