Friday, April 15, 2011


No posts all week because I've been battling a mighty battle with U of T exams, but happily the worst of them are over and it's back to the shelter this weekend.
I mentioned in my last few posts that we have recently receive quite the group of rats. Thanks to the amazing community of crazy rat people (and I do mean that in the best way possible), a bunch have been adopted already!
It started with a pair of 6-mos-old siblings. The two were transferred from Etobicoke at the very end of March. BamBam, the male, was adopted to a multi-rat home and renamed Fred almost right away. Pebbles (above), the female, came with us to the Pet Valu event - and started to show signs of pregnancy. When we inquired, we found out they hadn't been separated properly. Sigh! Pebbles is now in limbo, but unless she gave birth this week while I was away, I think she's out of the woods.
Soon after, Scarborough received a huge litter or two of rats (don't ask me why Scarborough always gets these big dumps of rats). I stupidly suggested we transfer some, since we normally have such great success. We received two pairs of babies. The boys, Ernie (above) and Bert, were adopted at the Pet Valu event.
The girls, Emma (above) and Charlotte, were still at the shelter last time I was there, but they have disappeared from the website and I suspect they've been adopted. I wouldn't be surprised, Emma in particular was a big sweetheart.
What I didn't know was that Etobicoke was transferring a litter to us at the same time Ernie, Bert, Emma and Charlotte arrived. Oops.
Meet the Beatles! John, Paul and Ringo are cuddled up here, with George off somewhere else. Yes, these brothers have that lab rat look, but come on - cute as buttons!
Awww. They make an adorable group. While there are four of them and they aren't the most popular colour, I think their chances of attracting a rat-friendly adopter are pretty high.

They are impossible to tell apart, except for personality. Ringo has a slight eye infection, so he stands out, but that will go away. Anyway, they are at Pet Valu now, waiting for that special someone.
But wait - there's one more! The Beatles came with their mom - Lucy (huge kudos to whoever named these guys).
And Lucy arrived with the boys, who are almost 2 months old, so - pregnancy watch! She is now nestled in foster care and, we are playing Wait and See.

Rats everywhere!