Monday, April 11, 2011

Pet Appreciation Weekend

This past weekend was the Pet Valu event, and it was lots of fun. It wasn't so much about the adoptions (although two rats got adopted and trust me, that is a very good thing, because we have rats coming out our ears). It was more about raising money, spreading information and getting some good PR.
One of the educational things we were trying to convey is that Easter and (real) bunnies do not mix (aka don't buy an Easter rabbit for your kids, geniuses). We didn't get much of a chance to talk to people, but we did give away a lot of chocolate and left some info at the store.
This was our display table - info packets on small animals, standard TAS flyers, cards for sale, chocolates, and a rabbit! The first day it was super sunny, while the second day started out with ominous thunder and ended super sunny. 
The first day, we used the animals that were at the store already - six rats, two rabbits (Callalily and Petunia) and Maggie the guinea pig. While Maggie looks adorable on the harness, she's a very shy girl and spent most of the time inside.
Petunia was equally unimpressed with being outside, as you can see. The young girl rabbits need some more socialization, so we've moved them back to the shelter, a more 'in-your-face-socialization' environment.
Nothing gets people to part with their money more than a rabbit on a harness, so I knew we needed somebody outgoing. On the second day, we brought Holly.
Holly has recovered wonderfully from losing her sister. She is one of my favourite rabbits, just so sweet and friendly. 
She made an excellent fundraiser rabbit, letting everyone pet her and gush over her. In the first five minutes she was outside with me, we got $8! Ok, it slowed down after that because unfortunately, it's not an area with much foot traffic, but still - that's impressive.
Here she is, guarding our very professional bag o' money. In all, I think we raised about $50 at the table, and Pet Valu did a whole bunch of fundraising in store (which will continue throughout April!). 
It was a fun weekend. It's always nice to be outside with a rabbit, raising money for something I believe in, even if I should be studying for exams (studying: it's overrated). 
I leave you with some of the wonderful Pet Valu staff who do so much for TAS animals all year round:

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