Monday, June 20, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan

So a few weeks ago, I posted that Ruby (one of the rabbits from the hoarder) surprised us all and had 7 kits. I also said that even after the underdeveloped 7th one passed away, I knew she'd cull the weaker kits.
Well, here they are at two weeks old! As you may notice, there are still six kits! Ruby didn't reduce her litter at all. All six are fluffy and active and doing well. On one hand, obviously - SUPER CUTE. On the other hand - that brings our number of foster babies up to 12. Twelve baby rabbits needing homes. Ahhh!
We did a photoshoot yesterday with Pistachio's family (the older litter). They are about 40 days old now, and have entered the lanky, scruffy stage. This is one of my favourite stages of rabbit growth, because they usually haven't grown into their comically oversized ears yet.
Following our tradition of naming babies after their moms, the first foster home named these guys after nuts. This little one is Cashew, my favourite in the litter. He is by far the most outgoing - plus, look at that adorable face!
Then we have Almond here, who has one of those cool bi-coloured eyes I'm noticing more and more. A nice thing about this litter (and Ruby's litter, actually) is that each baby is easy to tell apart. No identical twins!
Hazelnut is the lightest coloured, and my mom's favourite. She inherited Pistachio's crooked face stripe! Although you can't really see it here, Hazel has especially large ears for her head, and therefore is especially cute. I love rabbit ears, have you noticed?
And finally we have Pecan, who was originally the runt of the litter, not that you'd guess that now. They are all super handsome and striking, so at least there's that.
Our total in foster care right now: Jade & Sapphire, Ruby's 6 kits and Pistachio's 4 kits. From the hamster crisis to a rabbit crisis!
It truly is a case of 'out of the frying pan into the fire', because 14 rabbits are a lot harder to deal with than 30 hamsters. But we'll figure it out somehow.

There's been so much going on in foster that I haven't written about the Room in ages. There's been too many stories and not enough time lately! Should I write about our super sweet new guinea pig, the lovebird who arrived with a hole in his head, the rabbit whose owners were arrested, the trio of gerbils?
Too many options!

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