Wednesday, June 1, 2011

News from the Warren

I've been so busy with these hamsters and arranging foster transfers and taking photos and all other madness in our incredibly packed Room, that I never told the story of these rabbits. And it is a story worth telling.
You may recall me freaking out about a bunch of rabbits arriving during the hamster madness.
It turns out a woman was hoarding rabbits. As her home got too full, she would throw the surplus rabbits into the backyard. Living in the wild, they naturally started breeding and forming their own little community. Finally, Rabbit Rescue and TAS did a round-up and brought the poor things inside.
The five males went to Rabbit Rescue, four females went to TAS North and we at South received two females and a mom with two older kits.
This is Rascal (formerly known as Kittiwake, but she kept breaking out of her cage so Rascal seemed to suit her better). Rascal arrived pregnant from her life outside. She gave birth in the shelter to three kits and went to my house for foster. Sadly, due to malnutrition or stress or whatever, she couldn't nurse properly and all three kits died within two days.
Ruby also came straight to my house for foster. She arrived from the hoarder with two kits, about three weeks old. It's so impressive that she managed to raise her little ones and keep them safe in that crazy environment.
Her two kits, Sapphire and Jade, are growing like weeds. These two fluffballs are sweet as sugar and cute as buttons. I'm pretty sure they're both girls and they make a lovely little pair.
And then we have Pistachio here. She arrived at the shelter pregnant and went to the always amazing Grace for foster. She astonished everyone by having 7 babies on Mother's Day.
Grace's husband is allergic to rabbits and while he was remarkably cheerful about the whole thing, as the kits grew up it got overwhelming and Pistachio's family transferred to me.
And they are SO CUTE. Sadly, seven was too much for Pistachio to care for, and three didn't make it. The other four are doing fantastic, as you can see. You'll notice that every single rabbit that came from this situation is a Dutch mix. They're all striped little balls of fluff, black and brown and white. There will be a billion photos of them in an upcoming post.
Haha, look at their disgusted faces. Disapproving Rabbits, anyone?
And so, the final count from this little nightmare? Five males at RR, four females at TAS North, and 3 females with 6 kits at South. A total of 18 little lives that came out of one person's mistake.

I wish people would stop making such large mistakes!