Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Hamsters Seen Round the World

Wow, yesterday was amazing!
A few days ago, I posted this photo on our Facebook page:
I attached it to a plea for cage donations, because I had just done the math and realized that the two younger litters (from the duffel bag) were ready to go and we were still short about 20 cages (ah!).
The next day I got an email from a reporter at the Toronto Star! He had seen the photo and wanted to do a short piece on our hamster explosion.
The result was in Saturday's paper:
The reporter was fantastic, huge thanks to Henry Stancu!
The print version included the article with a short interview with me, and my photo taking up half the page. Pretty exciting! As of last count, 135 people had shared it on their Facebook pages. Even better, I've had tons of emails offering cages, and the shelter has received a fair few calls for donations and adoptions.
Our upcoming adoption event even got a mention!
(Another, less famous shot from the photoshoot)
Later that day, the shelter got a call from someone in California. They had somehow seen the article and was so impressed, they were sending a donation.
From California.
Then, that evening, someone posted on the Facebook page to tell us that we were on Cute Overload:
Cute Overload!! Internet fame, here we come!

The photo is of Millie's babies (they've grown a bit since I last posted them). I sure hope we get a lot of adoptions from all this excitement, because right now we've still got a whoppin' 30 hamsters waiting!
Huge thanks to Henry Stancu (who was super nice and went out of his way to do this story), the Toronto Star and Cute Overload! This was great exposure for TAS and it'll bring a lot of attention to the fact that we actually have small animals (I know, who knew?).Whoever adopts Millie's kids will have celebrity hamsters!

Also: I am working on an info post, but I got sidetracked by all this. Soon though!


gracerock said...

Congrats on the exposure! You have 2 on loan cages on their way to you today, but if you don't think you'll need them we can always drag them back home. Either way! Thank holy hell Moira and Mabel didn't have babies! Can you imagine?!! Gah!! Cya tonight!

selkie said...

Laura, I read that article and though YOU ROCK for getting them this kind of exposure!! Glad you guys are getting some cages. What a terrific article! and you are an awesome spokesperson for TAS!

Social Mange said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy this is getting international exposure, thanks to you!

How can I donate towards a "cage fund", since I can't make it down to TAS South to deliver one?