Saturday, May 7, 2011

Too. Many. Babies.

The last week has been utter chaos. It started with this:
The third female hamster from the duffel bag gave birth in my house on May 4th. Millie had a very large litter - we count 15-16 babies. They are incredibly ugly at this age, as you can see from that photo (they're 2 days old there).
Like the others, Millie is a very sweet, good-looking hamster and a good mom. But good lord! Arwen has 10 kids, Millie has 15-16 kids, and Merry (who is at another foster home) has a litter of unknown number. That's at the very least about 30 hamster babies in foster.
Speaking of Arwen's kids, all 10 of them are going strong. Knock on wood, but I think Estel (our little runt) is doing really well - she's just a little behind everyone else. The rest of them look like actual hamsters now, it's amazing. That's one of the females up there, whom we've named Moria. I'll do a post showing all of them within the next few days.
A few days after Millie gave birth, three dwarf hamsters were brought to the shelter. Two females and a male, who'd been living together for two eeks. The females are named Mable and Moira, have a high probability of being pregnant and are now in foster care. They're with the amazing Grace & Casey, our super awesome foster parents who have saved us multiple times.
And then this happened: 
Somehow, the shelter ended up with a pregnant rabbit, a rabbit with two kits, and a litter of orphans the other day. Sigh.
I took the mom with her kits. We've named the mom Ruby, and she is very, very shy, poor thing. She also looks like a jackrabbit, I've never seen such a tall, lean rabbit.
Her little ones are, of course, frigging adorable. They will eventually be named after gems like their mother, but since we don't know their genders yet, I'm calling them Thing One (on the right) and Thing Two for now. Clearly they are Dutch mixes, since Thing Two looks like a perfect Dutch (also he looks almost exactly like my Neville when he was a baby).
So cute. Thing One loves his mom.

So let's recap here:
  •  Hamsters:
    • Arwen, 10 kids (my house)
    • Millie, 15-16 kids (my house)
    • Merry, unknown # of kids (another foster home)
    • Mable & Moira, probably pregnant (the Amazing Grace)
  • Rabbits:
    • Ruby & 2 kids (my house)
    • Pregnant rabbit (the Amazing Grace)
    • Orphan kits (another foster home)
What just happened?!?!
Dear Public: PLEASE stop being stupid and breeding, because we are seriously running out of foster homes. Thanks.


Caroline said...

How on earth did Millie carry all those babies, you'd think she would be the size of a guinea pig! Thanks for sharing Laura.

Anonymous said...

yeah...we rescued the bunnies last thursday and they stayed with me Thursday night before I took them into TAS on Friday. I didn't put the Dutch mom (Ruby) with the 2 kits cause I wasn't sure if it really their mom.
The 2 kits are extremly awesome. I let them run around all night together and they had a blast. The 2 toned earred kit (Thing One) loved to explore and we named him Stan (eventhough I think they are both females but too soon to tell) The 2nd kit (Thing 2) is SUPER DUPER DUPER chilled and just sat on our bellies for hours on end we named him Steve. I've been following your blog for a while now. I adopted one of the TAS bunnies a few months back. We will send you new pictures when we get them uploaded. Anyways, would love to continue chit chatting with you if you like. Let me know... :) Bunny Lover.

Laura HP said...

Hey Caroline - Millie was HUGE before she gave birth!

Hey anonymous - So many questions! Thanks for bringing them to TAS, even though it's crazy I'm glad they're safe in foster homes! Where did you find them? Were they all just together? And of course I'm dying to know which of our bunnies you adopted.
Feel free to shoot me an email at and thanks for rescuing these guys!

selkie said...

let's hope that bloody girl who had all those hamsters does NOT get any more pets!

Unbelievable - and lucky guys that they found TAS!