Thursday, May 5, 2011

Checking In

Last night, I was perusing the Craigslist pet section as usual, when I ran across a posting about a found rabbit. It said they'd found a rabbit at the streetcar tracks, "behind the Coffee Time". I thought I'd better email them and let them know they could bring it to a shelter - 'I'll do it tomorrow', I thought.
No need! They arrived with the beautiful bunny at the shelter this afternoon. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, they'd named him Carlos. He was lucky to have been found by them - despite what many people think, pet rabbits are not meant to survive in the North American wild, much less a busy city.
Carlos is an extremely handsome, friendly guy. That's not a rabbit you see every day! He did start sneezing after settling into his new cage, but I'm hoping that's stress and not a cold starting. No getting sick allowed!
 Carlos isn't the only new face in the Room. This is Athena, another unique-looking rabbit. She's as pretty as can be, and she's got an attitude to match. She just got spayed, however, so hopefully part of that superiority complex was caused by hormones!
And then we have Edgar, this adorable little guy who is being held on protective custody. Not sure what his story is yet (I'm sure it's an 'interesting' one), but he will be held for a certain amount of time before going up for adoption. He looks like a perfect cross between a Netherland Dwarf and English Spot.

Lotta movin' and shakin' going on in the Room...hamster pups, one-legged birds, streetcar rabbits! I've got a lot to post over the next few days.
On the plus side, Legolas, Vanilla, Lizzie, Pancakes, Rose, Petunia and Holly (finally!) have all been adopted within the last two weeks!

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andrea said...

Yay! for the newcomers and for the adoptions .. from my point of view especially Rose and Petunia .. I've been feeling badly for them (needlessly I know) thanks for the update :)