Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten Little Hamsters

They're finally all sexed and named, and later this week they will be separated and Arwen will go up for adoption. So I thought I'd introduce everyone to Arwen's little ones - as individuals for the first time!
Baggins, a male brown one, named after the Baggins family of course - we stuck to our guns about the Lord of the Rings theme!
Brandybuck, a female brown, and one of my favourites. She has a very distinctive personality! Named after Merry Brandybuck, a Hobbit.
Elrond, a male red-eyed cream. I think these guys will turn out looking a lot like their mom. Elrond is named after the elf and my mom's favourite character.
Estel, our little runt. I'm pretty sure she's a female, but it's hard to tell because she's so small. She looks way better now than when she was really young - her eyes are open and her ears are popped up. Her fur is still pretty scraggly and she's half the size of the others, but she's pretty strong and fights for her food now.
Gimli, a male brown. The majority of the litter was male, with at least 6. If Estel is female, then there are 4 females.
Moria, a female brown, named after the Mines of Moria. Where, yes, not the most pleasant things happened, but it's still a pretty name!
Pippin, female, the dark fawn. Pippin is the cutest thing ever, but it is absurdly hard to get good photos of her. She's very feisty!
Rohan, the light fawn, a male. Rohan is very sweet, and very pretty - his back is sort of mottled gold and white. His red eyes aren't so obvious in real life, but the flash of a camera certainly brings them out.
Shadowfax, a male, the only white with black eyes. I love this guy, he is super outgoing and adventurous.
Smaug is the last one, a male red-eyed cream. He's a little bit shyer than his twin Elrond.
And that's the last of them! They'll be separated by gender into smaller groups by the end of this week, and then next week we'll start sending them to the shelter. Hard to believe they're almost ready to go!

On a side note, Pistachio (the pregnant rabbit staying with Grace) gave birth yesterday - to SEVEN kits. Ohhh my goodness. That brings our number of foster babies up to around 40.

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