Friday, May 13, 2011


It's been a while since I posted, partially because Blogger decided not to let anyone in, and partially because it's been crazy this last week.
A few days ago, I unfortunately received a call from one of our amazing foster families telling me that 3 rabbit kits had passed away.
Then a litter of 3 arrived at the shelter, and one died on arrival. The other two came to my house, where despite my best efforts, they passed away a few hours later. That's the mom, Kittiwake, up there.
So that sucked.
How about something more positive?
That's our little runt, Estel! I was so sure he wasn't going to survive, but look at him. Amazing what a little evaporated milk and TLC can do. I mean, he looks like a total weirdo, but he's doing great. Active, healthy appetite, playful little guy. Hopefully someone won't mind adopting a miniature hamster!
Speaking of hamster babies, this is Moria, one of Arwen's girls. She was very sleepy when we picked her up, as you can see, and decided it was easier just to continue sleeping in my hand.
Awwww squished faces. Even though I know the foolishness of naming rabbits so young, I couldn't resist (I will never learn). The one on the left is now Sapphire and the one on the right is now Jade, named after gems like their mum.
Lookit the fluffiness! I am calling them little girls for the next month and will refuse to believe they're boys until they are fully adult.
Honestly this entire post could be baby bunny photos. But let's resist that temptation!
Here's another baby!
No, seriously.
It's a Flemish Giant baby. Because what we needed right now was one of the largest rabbits in the world.
He is freaking adorable though.

Besides the foster craziness, we've had a bunch of surrenders at the shelter. Right now, the Room has 7 rabbits, 4 hamsters, a rat, a lovebird, a mouse and a cockatiel! Julius, the handsome cockatiel, is pictured below.
Total number of small animals currently affiliated with TAS South? Fifty-seven.

Hey, remember that hoarder last year? This is kind of like that, except spread over a few hoarders and a bunch of normal surrenders with unfortunate timing. Yay!

Does this post seem a little scattered? That's probably because my brain ceased proper functioning last week.
The joys of rescue!


Anonymous said...

Baby hamsters and baby bunnies look sooooo cute!

Kc said...

Has Estel found a home yet??

Laura HP said...

Hey Kc,
Firstly thanks for adopting Shade!! I enjoyed talking to you that day we ran into each other.
Estel has not been adopted yet, he's still at my house (ready to go, the shelter's just full). He's actually filled out a lot and looks very different now. He's got a unique look to him, we think he turned out to be the cutest one!

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