Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birds of a Feather

A very flashy canary arrived at the shelter a few days ago. I called him Tiedye.
Handsome guy, isn't he? I've never seen a red canary in person, he was quite a standout. Tie was found fluttering around Bathurst street, and for a canary, he was pretty outgoing. Doesn't even mind being picked up. I wondered if someone was looking for him.
He's properly banded, so I looked up the number and it turns out he has a band from the Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada.  If I'm reading it right, he was just born this year, so he has a long life ahead of him.
And luckily, he will be spending that year with his owner! For the first time in my knowledge, a canary was actually claimed by his owner. I have never seen that happen, nor has the staff I talked to - Tiedye (or whatever his real name is) is a lucky bird! 
Then we have Dominic, a cockatiel who arrived at the shelter under rather odd circumstances. Due to those circumstances, we don't technically have custody of him yet, so he's not up for adoption. But I'm sure once he goes on the website, he'll be gone in a flash.
Like most cockatiels, Dom is fussy but ultimately harmless. He's much more timid than little Tiedye, however, and was not pleased at all with the canary climbing all over his cage.
Dominic arrived with another bird:
Certainly not one of our usual suspects! Jaspar here is an Amazon parrot, although don't ask me what kind. There are approximately a million species of Amazon, and they're all mostly green. I can never tell them apart.
He is a sweet bird, although timid. After a few days of getting to know me, he is happy to step up and hang out with me outside the cage, but he doesn't want to be touched and he is nervous of sudden movements. He doesn't bite, but he does mutter to himself like an angry old man, it's pretty funny.
We're not sure what we'll do with Jaspar - since he needs a special home that can care for him properly, we don't really want to put him in general adoption. I think we're trying to move him to a rescue or the THS.

According to the website, we have another cockatiel at the shelter now. Compared to the number of birds we normally have (zero), it's been very bird-busy lately!