Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Fun, Part I

So I have two litters of foster rabbits right now (which is ridiculous). Unfortunately, due to lack of posts and all this political craziness (which is still ongoing!), I haven't had much opportunity to show them off. Therefore, the next two posts will act as a friendly introduction.
The two litters are only separated by two weeks in age. Today I'll be posting the older litter. That's their mom, Ruby, a sweet, shy girl who was rescued from a hoarding situation with her two kits. A few weeks after she came to us, she surprised us all with a new litter. Her older girls, Jade & Sapphire, are now at the shelter waiting spay, and her younger six are having a good time at my house.
Introductions are in order!
The last time I posted them they were little fuzzballs. They've grown up a lot since then, as they're now two months old. This is Amethyst, one of the two girls in the family. She is one of the most outgoing ones and always runs up to see me when I walk by, probably hoping for a treat.
On the other side of the spectrum, this is Emerald, probably the shyest in the family. The family as a whole is pretty outgoing, but Emerald is usually content to hang out with his mum.
Then we have Jet, who is absolutely the friendliest of the bunch. This guy isn't afraid of anything, loves everyone and has decided his greatest goal in life is to be stroked on the head and fed treats all day. He's hilarious, and definitely the ring-leader.
This is Pearl, the only other girl besides Amethyst, and another one of the bolder ones. They all definitely resemble their mum, but they are also all distinct in personality and looks, and once you get used to them, it's very easy to tell them apart. Pearl, for instance, has a big white shoulder, a mostly black face and while you can't see it there, an adorable white splotch on her mouth.
Of course, Silver here is the easiest in the world to tell apart. He is only one that's not black and white, and he's also the runt and about 100 g smaller than his siblings. He is probably the second shyest after Emerald, but he's also adorable and very used to being held.
And rounding out the gang we have Topaz with his white necklace and nose and oversized ears. All in all, I think they're a rather good-looking bunch!
Here, more cute photos (obviously some of them from when they were younger):
The gang at, I think, one month old. Topaz (with his head perked up at the end there) was by far the most outgoing when they were younger, but he's calmed down a lot and Jet, Pearl and Amethyst took over the leading the pack.
Jet, Amethyst and Topaz hanging out on the balcony a week ago. Since we've been doing photos with them their entire lives, they're quite used to both cameras and fresh air.
This photo cracks me up. Silver loves his greens! There is an endless debate about whether you should feed kits greens before six months of age, but this is the fourth litter I've raised on greens and I don't plan on changing. Knock on wood, but I've never had a baby with digestive problems yet, and they've all turned out with healthy weights, shiny coats and a proper appetite.
One more photo because I can't resist:
 Oh, the indignities suffered by my foster babies. If only it said the real adoption fee (much higher than $5.99, thankfully) it would've been perfect! Poor Topaz.

Tomorrow, the other litter - would you believe it's actually larger? I don't know what's in the water these days, but I miss the simple 2-4 kit litters!


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