Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Fun, Part II

I should never say I'm going to do a post "tomorrow" because I inevitably end up doing it much later. Oh well. 
Today I present my second foster litter! I haven't even posted these guys on the blog before, shameful.
This is Circe, the mom. Circe became quite well known in one neighbourhood a few months ago, as she was frequently seen running through people's yards, and many people took to feeding her. After a while of this, someone followed her, and found that she had a litter of babies under a porch.
They were pretty darned tiny when they arrived at the shelter, and only about a week old. It turned out she had seven little ones - I have no idea how she managed to keep them safe and well-fed out there in the wild, but she did it.
Circe's kits are two weeks younger than Ruby's family, but Circe is much larger than Ruby and the kits are almost the same size as their older house-mates. It's kind of nice to have a litter that isn't the Dutch breed! So here we go, introductions:
This is Achilles, the ring-leader (the Jet of this litter!). Naturally, they're all named after Greek mythology just like their mom. Unlike Ruby's litter, none of them look anything like Circe.
This is Apollo - in total, there are 4 silvery kits. I love this colouring, it's beautiful. Also, I love their giant ears. That's how we can tell they'll be big adults, those oversized ears - they look like Dumbo!
And here we have Artemis, the only female silver. These guys can be tricky to tell apart, but it's not impossible. Achilles has a little white on his nose, Apollo has the darkest colouring, Artemis is female and Zeus (the fourth) is the runt and brightest coloured.
And of course there are black ones - there are always black ones! This is Echo, the female black kit. She's quite shy at first, but she warms up to you rather quickly.
Hercules is the male black kit, and super friendly. He and Achilles are usually the first two kits to the door, jumping over their siblings to get your attention.
Pegasus is just the cutest thing on four legs, look at her. She's adorable. She's also nice and easy to tell apart from her siblings!
And then we have Zeus, the runt of the litter and the biggest scaredy-cat you will ever meet. He didn't quite live up to his name there. He is cute as a button though, with his super shiny silver fur.
A few more photos:
The thee girls in the litter, Artemis, Echo and Pegasus.
Baby silvers! This litter had heads shaped like blocks when they were little, it was adorable.
Man they were so freaking cute.
The Group of Seven (ha, I should've named them after the artists!) a month ago, and the group of seven now...
I'm actually quite proud of this. They're getting so big, it's hard to get all 7 of them in one photo.

So that's all the foster rabbits! Of course, there are still 11 rabbits at the shelter. Seriously, if you are looking for a rabbit, now's the time to adopt from us because we're in a bit of a bind here.
It doesn't really help that we've done, um, ONE rabbit adoption in the past month. I know summer's always super slow, but it's very disheartening to look at the crowded room and realize none have moved. Summer's almost over, summer's almost over...

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