Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm feeling rather proud of myself today! If you haven't seen it, the Star did an article about the fight to save TAS (aka keep it public and properly funded):
About a week ago, several TAS volunteers who have been working to protect the shelters from these cuts (myself included) agreed that we needed mainstream media coverage. The fact was simply that no one knew we were in the report in the first place. I, rather rashly, said, "I'm 99% sure I can get the Star to do it."

Thank goodness I was right!

I emailed Valerie Hauch, the reporter who covered our foster bunny explosion a month ago. Luckily, she was interested. Huge thanks to the Star for once again bringing attention to TAS, and massive thanks to Valerie Hauch, who took the time to interview the Montreal SPCA and Councillor De Baeremaeker. Also, Councillor Holyday, who clearly had no idea what she was talking about. Read his quotes, he clearly hasn't even thought about TAS and is making up some generic answer. It's pretty funny.

As often happens, Metro also ran (a truncated version of) the story:
Then, when I was googling to see if anyone else had picked up the story, I saw to my surprise that InsideToronto had done their own article about protecting TAS:
Unexpected but appreciated! Thanks, InsideToronto!
Hopefully this means people are going to sit up and take notice - especially the councillors. Fingers crossed that this leads to good things!

Unrelated, but I've really been wanting to post the adorableness that are my foster babies, so here's some photos! I guess it's related though - after all, isn't this what we're fighting for?

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selkie said...

Laura, you've been a terrific advocate for TAS and congratulations on getting all that positive media exposure. I was actually glad to hear your comment about Bernadetti- she is my councillor and to date, hasn't impressed me a lot.

Rescue mom said...

Petition signed and shared on my both my blog and my facebook profile. Thank you for all you do for the tiniest ones and being their voice too!