Friday, December 2, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today was rather exciting!
Every Friday, CP24 Breakfast has a little adoption segment. TAS was featured yesterday, and partially thanks to my frantic exclamations about our many rabbits, we featured some bunnies! I got to go too - one of these days I must put 'rabbit handler' on my resume.
So at 8:30 this morning, staff member Nicola (media person extraordinaire) and I showed up at the CP24 building with Raven and Melody.
 That's Raven on the table in the break room as we waited to go on. I've been on the news several times but this was my first time inside a TV studio and it was kind of cool, not going to lie. On the other hand, I've never really been one to get super excited by media or anything - when it comes down to it, a studio's just somebody else's workplace, right? But any exposure of our adoptable animals is good!
And hey look, there we are! My mom took a photo of the screen, much to my amusement, but it actually turned out okay. Poor Raven suffers the fate of all black animals in that he's hard to see, but Melody showed up quite nicely.
The segment was short and sweet and the hosts were very nice. Both rabbits behaved themselves, although Melody almost got a little too friendly with Raven while on camera. I thought I was being all smooth in pushing them apart, but my mom called me right after and laughed about it, so I guess I wasn't as smooth as I thought.
It also turned out that Raven is rather attached to me. Colour me astonished! I haven't been a very attentive foster mom, so I can only assume he just attached to the only person he knew. He kept jumping into my lap and clinging to me. It was cute but it didn't sell him very well!
I think my favourite part of the segment was when Nicola told the hosts that Melody was surrendered because her owners were going on vacation. We'd actually told them that beforehand and they'd been suitably appalled, but when she brought it up on camera the host said angrily, "We're not going to name them, but SHAME on them." It was lovely! I hope her old owners were watching.
And then it was all over and they moved on to the news or the weather or something else non-animal-related.
I couldn't resist taking a photo with this sign in the break room. What is Toronto talking about? Hopefully Melody! She looked so cute in her blue blanket, even tough, hardened animal control workers couldn't resist.
And then we were out of there! Since Raven had to go home with me for foster, and I had class, I dropped him off to wait at my mom's office, which is conveniently close to campus. He had a lovely time running around on carpeted floors that actually gave him traction, unlike our apartment. He actually showed off much more in the office than on TV, silly boy.

And after all that, I was even on time for my 10 am class!

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