Monday, December 26, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly...Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day everyone!
I had the most ridiculous Christmas, starting with a 5 AM visit to the emergency vet clinic with my boy Giles. Thankfully he is doing much better, but the whole thing made me miss my flight, so the last 24 hours have been a flurry of reorganizing and scheduling. Hence the Christmas post on Boxing Day!

Because I thought I was going to be on a flight on the 25th, I wasn't able to make my annual Christmas Day visit to the shelter. Instead, I went in on Christmas Eve armed with the makings of a bunny feast:
They ended up being spoiled rotten with a ridiculously over-the-top salad o' treats. It was Romaine lettuce and mixed garden greens, with a baby carrot, slice of apple, banana chip and dried cranberries on top, along with a sprinkling of these fancy lavender/chamomile treats.
 The boys approve.
I also made up little Christmas presents for everybody in the room, and left them for the next day. They were paper bags filled with hay, with a few cranberries, banana chips and lavender treats in each one and a toilet paper roll on top.
The staff gave everybody one on Christmas and apparently they had a blast playing with them, so hooray!
Sadly, I never had time to do a Christmas shoot this year, but I always like to review who's in the Room over the holidays. So I went a little crazy with Picnik and made a bunch of incredibly cheesy Christmas-themed photos. They're hilariously bad, in my opinion, so enjoy!
Presenting the Room's holiday residents (are you sitting down? It's a loooong list):
Can you believe Cashew's still waiting? He's six months old, for crying out loud. He is a rather strong-minded individual though - I think he intimidates people. But so handsome!
I really can't believe Silver's still waiting, he's a sweetie. He's six months old too! Sheesh.
Emerald and Silver are brothers, but for whatever reason, I have decided Emerald celebrates Hannukah. Happy Hannukah! I'm really sorry there wasn't latke clipart.
Cascade here looks like the leader of the candy cane mafia. It's a little intimidating. I did not mean to insinuate that she is the member of any crime family, I swear.
I love this boy. This is Finn, and he is just such a sweetheart. I was hoping he'd find a home for the holidays, but he's rather unassuming and I think he often goes unnoticed. Hopefully he'll have better luck in the new year!
Marbles looks kind of intimidating too, I just noticed. Maybe he's the leader of the stockings mafia, and he and Cascade are in cahoots.
Sawyer is just the cutest little guy. I think he's rather dashing with a hat on - I'm going to have to try it in real life. This little dude, who hasn't been on the blog yet, was found outside, completely filthy. He sure cleans up nice!
Pancake the rat was rescued from being eaten by a snake when he was a baby, but his near miss doesn't seem to bother him much. He's a sweet boy, and he went absolutely bananas for the Romaine.
Pete arrived in a pair, but he was a bit of a bully to the other pig so now he's on his lonesome. He doesn't really seem to mind, to be honest.
Peaches & Pippa are two of the kids from Popcorn's second litter. They are a packaged pair and make fabulous substitute Rudolphs.
Patches and Penelope are also from Popcorn's second litter, and this photo is just embarassing. I could not get a decent photo of these two together, but everybody else got in this post, so I didn't really think it was fair to leave them out.
Mr Rabbit (the name, I know) always looks a bit uptight but he's actually quite lovely. I spared him the shame of Rudolph noses and Santa hats, and just gave him a cup of cocoa and stuck him in the snow.
Jellybean, who was adopted a few months ago but returned last week, also got a cup of cocoa. The adoption was a bad match and despite the family's best efforts, it was in Jellybean's best interests to try and find her another home. Still, poor girl's not too pleased about being back and I rather wish I could give her an actual cup of cocoa.
I actually kind of love this one, not going to lie. This is Chip, the only boy out of Popcorn's four youngest.
And our last two arrived as a pair, dumped outside the Veterinary Emergency Clinic the week before Christmas. Happy holidays to you too, owners! Moppet is an incredible Lionhead and just gorgeous. She arrived with Snowshoe (below, also gorgeous), but they don't seem particularly bonded so they will probably end up finding separate homes.
Snowshoe reminds me of Alice's looks with Giles' "I'm-going-to-pretend-I'm-a-grump-but-I'm-actually-a-suck" attitude. Obviously, I totally love him.

And that's all! Just, oh, 18 animals. I left out the 6 at various pet stores and the 14 in foster care for everyone's sakes. Man, if you got through that, you deserve a whole plate of holiday cookies.

Happy holidays everyone!


Caroline said...

Happy Holidays Laura! I hope you eventually made your flight. I love your photoshopping, one day I want to learn to do that.


andrea said...

thanks for all your hard work for the wee ones - lucky them on Christmas Day too!

Keith Andrea said...

.,just dropped by to say hello.

Nice photo, they are very cute.

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Kim Yazwinski said...

Lovely pictures! I just adopted Patches and Penelope from the King and Dufferin Pet Valu. I also work there so I always have access to yummy food and toys for them AND I get to care for all the other adoptable animals there! I'm always excited to see who's new! :)