Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mix & Match

Happy 2012! I realize we're two weeks in already, but I've been away and then wrapped up in re-starting classes. My New Year's Resolution is about this blog actually, because I am terrible at remembering to post so this year - at least every three days! I realize I may lack credability already, considering I haven't posted in three weeks, but from now on!
 First off, I wanted to share some photos of Northern Ontario over the holidays, because it was a winter wonderland and just gorgeous. Like a postcard! This is what a Canadian winter is supposed to look like. I hate the green winters we've been having lately. Give me freezing temperatures and snowy inconvenience any day!
The shelter has, of course, been chugging along, although there is a great deal of worried whispering that it won't be chugging along through February. Toronto may be facing a city strike or lockout within a few weeks and that, of course, includes the shelter. At this point, I'm not sure there's much hope of successful negotiation, but all my fingers are crossed. Closing the shelters, even for a month, puts a lot of animals in danger.
 The Room is down to - are you ready for this? - five rabbits, plus two at pet stores. That is a pretty great change from Boxing Day. We are very lucky, because three nearby humane societies worked with TAS South to transfer some rabbits out. Small animals don't show up much in smaller city shelters, and since we were overflowing, we were happy to oblige. Cashew went to Orangeville, Cascade and Rocket went to Stratford, and my boys Silver & Emerald went to Cambridge. Huge thanks to those shelters for the helping hand!
Even better, Moppet and Snowshoe were adopted just a week after arriving - together! They were adopted to a great home and I've already received an update. I'm so glad two big, bonded bunnies were able to get a home so fast! Marbles has also been adopted (along with Pancake the rat, Pete the guinea pig, and Chip, Patches and Penelope the hamsters). We haven't been doing too shabby!
Thanks to this burst of adoptions and transfers, we had room to bring back every animal from foster. Boris and Abeline (from the hoarder) have finally found a place in the Room, after three months of waiting. Grace Kelley the rat is also back, and that blossuming family of 21 hamsters have been cleared out of foster care through adoption, except for six which are waiting at two Pet Valus.

Latest count? We have five rabbits, one guinea pig, and three rats in the Room. We have six hamsters at our Pet Valus, one rabbit at PetSmart, and one rabbit at Pet Uno.
And how many in foster? That's right, count 'em - NONE.
Well, except Poe. He's still with me.
But he doesn't count.

Never mind Poe! For the first time since the rabbit hoarders in the summer, we are at a manageable number and we can finally take a breather!
I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!

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