Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost Famous

A few weeks ago, Nicola at TAS asked if I'd join in her on Animal House Calls to showcase volunteer work at the shelter. TAS has been trying to put the spotlight on volunteers lately. Fred went on the show last week to promote our dog walkers and his hard work, and this week it was my turn to promote small animals (and cats). 
So yesterday I picked out two rabbits (Topaz and Abeline) and off we went! 
I'd been to the studio before, when we brought Raven and Melody on the morning show. The security guard brought me in just as they were practicing for the show with an absolutely gorgeous Great Horned Owl. The security guard and I both snapped photos, naturally.
 We had our makeup on, the bunnies had their harnesses on, and we were in the waiting lounge when the host ran by shouting, "All officers meeting! Newsroom now!" 
Not very promising.
The waiting lounge is full of TV screens, so we were treated to the view that was causing all the excitement. Turns out hundreds of protesters had started swarming city hall - police were arriving, pepper spray appeared, people were being kicked out of council for chanting. It was all very exciting and all very poorly timed, as far as our show was concerned.
The producer came in and told us the first half of the show was being cut (naturally we were part of the first half), but a few minutes later the entire show had been bumped as CP24 covered the protests. And so we packed up the bunnies and went home. And that is the story of how Topaz, Abeline and I were thwarted from stardom by an angry crowd of protesters. So close, yet so far!

At least I got this incredibly adorable photo of Topaz out of it:
This is actually the second time I've had an appearance on Animal House Calls cancelled, although last time it wasn't quite so last minute. I'm bad luck!
We're rescheduled for January 31st - hopefully third time's the charm! And if you happen to be planning any protests, please try to work around that date. Much obliged!

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