Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Thoughts

On the flip side from the last post, sometimes I really enjoy animal rescue. Take the story of Rosemary and Sage.
A few days ago, I took this video of them:
Seriously, watch that and not say 'aww'. I dare you. 
Rosemary and Sage had come amazingly far since they arrived. When they first came to the shelter, they were extremely skittish and hard to handle, and they ran away whenever you approached. I didn`t have high hopes for their socialization at the shelter - rabbits that young need a lot of attention to become comfortable with people, and it`s just hard to get at a shelter.
But they surprised me! They really came out of their shells. After two months, they would both run up to see you, and would happily get stroked and petted. Sage could be a little uncertain about being picked up, but both girls would tooth-purr and fall asleep if you petted them long enough.
Look at that. So freaking cute!
I'm very happy to say that I posted the video on the TAS Facebook page, and someone who had asked about them before declared, "I can't take it any more, we want to give these guys a home for sure."
Fantastic! Of course, I'm always a little hesitant with Facebook posters because they do not always pan out. But sure enough, this guy went down to the shelter Saturday and adopted the pair!
Two months at the shelter is really pretty good for a bonded pair. Go Rosemary and Sage!
Adoptions are obviously the highlight of any rescue work, but sometimes I'm reminded how much I enjoy just hanging out with the animals. Sometimes I walk into the Room and I'm just happy to see everyone. You can't do this work unless you genuinely love the animals, after all. A few days ago, I did a photoshoot for some of our longer-term residents, many of whom really needed a new photo, and I realized how much I liked our current animals.
Abeline, of course, is my girl. It's been almost five months since she was rescued from the hoarder, although admittedly she spent almost three months in foster care. She's such a character, I wish someone would come in and fall in love with her. Sure, she can be a little grumpy sometimes, but who isn't?
I don't think I've posted Sweet Tart on the blog before, but she's also been waiting several months. She spent a few weeks in foster care as well, but really, it's very unusual for a guinea pig to wait so long. She's perfectly nice, and she's just gorgeous, so I'm not sure why no one's snatched her up yet. She's a little skittish, but A) she's a guinea pig and B) she was left on the hood of someone's car in a parking lot. I'd be skittish too.
 And just for some eye candy, check out this gorgeous guy. Scotty here arrived last week with his sister Patch. She's super outgoing and nosy, he's a little shy. They're both three months old and obviously the result of an accidental breeding.

I'm glad to say two more of the Walmart hamsters, Ritz & Breton, have been adopted! Banksy and Doby the alien rat have also been adopted, and Raza the nervous guinea pig found a home through our Pet Valu location.
The Room has been slow the past few weeks, but with the arrival of three rats and three rabbits over the last few days, it's starting to fill up. It was nice to have a break for a little while, though!

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