Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working on the Weekend

We had an adopt-a-thon over the weekend at Pet Uno, a small store on College Street which opened last year. The store kindly keeps a rabbit for us throughout the year, and this is the second adopt-a-thon we've held there. The last one was fairly unproductive, but I'm pleased to report that this one was a great success!
In total, we had 15 adoptions - two puppies, two rabbits, and eleven cats, including Jack in the photo. The first day was slow (and, to be honest, fairly boring) with only two cat adoptions. The second day was completely insane!
In the first two hours on Sunday, we did seven cat adoptions, a rabbit adoption, and about ten phone calls from people interested in adopting. This was while we were still cleaning the cages. It was chaos, but in a good way. Unsurprisingly, the three youngest kittens were the first to go. The four-month-olds went next, and then the six-month-old. People love kittens!
Even better, of course, was that three adults went after the kittens were gone. Helena (above) was a favourite among the volunteers, including me, and she got an amazing home. Look at that photo! She latched on to her new people and wouldn't let go. Smart girl!
Look, a dog!
Boomer here wasn't adopted at the event, but don't feel too bad for him - he needs training, but he's got such an enthusiastic personality I can't imagine he'll last long at the shelter. Two positively adorable Golden Retriever puppies did get adopted, both to wonderful, loving homes. 
At the end of the day, when everything was packed up, I let Morris have a run of the room. He's a very active boy and he had a great time exploring every nook and cranny. Morris wasn't adopted, but he's staying at Pet Uno and hopefully will find his home fairly soon. Eve was adopted, to a wonderful home with three other rabbits, where she will get the best of care!

Overall, a successful weekend! But in other news, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, two rats and a hamster have arrived at the Room. And they all arrived yesterday. That's right, we got 6 new animals in one day. 
What is it about the warm weather that brings animals to our door? Hello, spring!

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