Monday, January 18, 2010


Two new faces at TAS South this week! This little guy is Sherlock, and I assume he's a juvenile because he is much too tiny to be full-grown. He was dumped at the Humane Society by his owners, but the THS can't take surrenders and so he was re-routed to us. Luckily for him - now he doesn't have to share the room with a huge crowd, since we're at a nice normal number right now. Sherlock's not the friendliest boy but he just needs a little love.
I am in love with this sweet girl! Lavender is very new (not even on the website yet!). She is just so gorgeous - look at that colouring. Very striking! It helps that she's a total sweetie and very friendly and curious. Plus she's a lop - I can't imagine she'll be with us long.


melissa.hildebrandt said...

Yesterday, as my boyfriend and i were traveling to the exhibition center for the Interior Design Show, to our unfortunate surprise, this year, it was moved to the Toronto Convention Center. As we prepared to wait another long hour for the train, we decided to stop in at Toronto Animal Services where we found Lavender, an adorable little sweetie who greeted us with her beautiful brown eyes and kisses! We left without her because of our continuing trip to Toronto but couldn’t keep her out of our minds. We knew the unfortunate turn-around resulted in a sign and we just had to go back and get her. After another visit and a round of cuddles and kisses, we brought her home. All day she has been excitedly exploring the main level of our house and giving whole hearted cuddles. We can already tell she’s a daddy’s girl! Having had rabbits all my life, I have only taken home male farm rabbits bred for meat and are usually turned off from the behavior given by lopped eared rabbits; however Lavender is truly an exception. We look forward to getting to know her, as she settles into our family! Travis is excited to have a little girl around! I will post her progress again in a few weeks! Thanks so much Toronto Animal Services!

Laura HP said...

Melissa, thank you so much for the update! I'm so excited to hear Lavender got a great home, so quickly. I look forward to more updates =) Congrats on your new bunny!