Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Roll Call

Pepper is still at the shelter - it's been three months now. That's certainly not the longest I've seen a rabbit be there, but with all the adoptions going on now, it seems like Pepper's gotten left behind. He acts so cranky I'm not surprised, but he just needs a little more love - sometimes you see that there's a sweet personality in there. He's young! Wouldn't you be cranky if someone left you behind in an apartment and didn't bother to socialize you? I know I would.
Fred and George have actually been there as long as Pepper, but they have each other for company. These two are just so full of energy and excitement, they can't help but brighten your day. Whoever takes them home will never have a dull moment!
Harrison's been at the shelter for over a month too, which is just odd. He's a Rex, with beautiful velvet-y fur, a laid-back personality, and a total sweetheart. What's he still doing there? He has kind of a boxy-looking head, but really at that point you're just being picky.
In this photo, you can see all three of Paisley's colours. She's a very pretty guinea pig! She and Weet have turned out to be total sweethearts. When I gave hay to the bunnies, they both stood up at the door to their cage, squealing for food. Paisley in particular is very friendly and likes getting petted. They'd make really nice pets.
I got an update on Lily the guinea pig the other day! She is doing great in her new home and is much-loved. I love updates!

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