Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out on the Green

We had such success with the rabbits on the harness at the adopt-a-thon, we decided to try it on regular shelter days. It's actually really beneficial - I'm sorry we didn't do it earlier! They love getting outside, they get a break from the shelter environment and really come out of their shell, we get to know them better, and now we can say that all our rabbits are leash-trained! Well, as much as a rabbit can be leash-trained.
Remember Ana? She's turned out to be quite the grumpy, grunty girl. She's not mean or anything, just a grouch. Pepper was like that too when he first came. Hopefully we can work it out of her! And I'm sure it'll help when she's eventually spayed (kitten season fills up the spay appointments pretty quick, I think). I'd be grumpy too if I had owners like that.
Ha, this photo cracks me up. Rexs have such box-shaped heads. She's a little wild on the leash, but we'll work on that. She is definitely a gorgeous girl.
Neville is the cutest thing ever. Too bad he kicks the bejeebus out of you when you pick him up. We can work on it! It's certainly not a deal-breaker when he's got a cute face like that, and an otherwise sweet personality. He's actually had a few people looking at him lately. Lops go fast, I'm sure we won't be able to hold on to him for long.

He's certainly a silly boy. He decided to dig a little area in the dirt and then lie in it. Comfy! His face is just the most adorable thing ever. I'm going away for a week, what do you want to bet he'll be gone when I get back?
Emma is one of the prettiest rabbits I've ever seen, and a perfect example of how you can't tell their personality in the shelter. She spends most of her time pressed in the back corner of her cage, ignoring people. We took her out and she was jumping in my lap, cuddling up to us, running around - a total charmer! I love putting bigger bunnies on a leash, it suits them well.
I'm very happy to say that Emma has found a home! Some perfectly lovely people came in today who had really done their research. They took their time and took each bunny out, spent time with them and got to know them. I wish every adopter did that! They were leaning towards Neville but ultimately decided on Emma because she totally turned on the charm when she was out with them (good job, Em!). She is going to be very loved and spoiled. Hopefully we get an update soon!
And here's the really, really AMAZING news - a few hours after I left, PEPPER GOT ADOPTED! After six months of waiting! A man came in and said, "I want Pepper". He used to foster rabbits and apparently he really knew what he was talking about. Pepper is going to be a free-range bunny with an experienced owner. It's pretty much perfect. I'm so ridiculously happy for him! He's such a sweet boy, just a little quirky. I'm so glad he finally got a home!

Do you know what that means? We have TWO rabbits left: Ana and Neville. Last week we had seven. That is the most amazing thing ever! I hope we get lots of updates over the next little while. Hooray for leashes and hooray for well-informed adopters!


Dog Foster Mom said...

I had no idea that they made harnesses/leashes for bunny rabbits. How cute!! I have tried harnesses on cats/kittens, and sometimes they work but sometimes the cats can get out of them - do you ever have problems with bunnies getting out of their harness?

Laura HP said...

Hi Dog Foster Mom -
They do make harnesses especially for bunnies, but I'm too lazy to go out to a store and get one of them, so we just use cat leashes. They're pretty much the same and work with both species!
Bunnies will definitely try to wriggle their way out, the trick is to make sure the front end, around their heads is tight enough. I usually make sure one finger and one finger only can fit between the harness and their skin, and it seems to do the trick.

Fred said...

Hi Laura, it's great you're taking the bunnies outside for their photos! Hope they're enjoying the sunshine.

Marg said...

I love that close up of Neville! bunnies on parade!