Friday, April 23, 2010

The Menagerie

Here's Giles! He is no longer Beans. He went through about 50 names before we settled on Giles, and that was mostly because we got tired of trying new ones. Isn't he a handsome boy? Here's a weird fact - it turns out he doesn't have cataracts. Instead, he has a bi-coloured iris, so half of it is grey. I was quite surprised at that. He's also not as old as we thought he was.
He and Alice get along famously. His transition to our house has been so smooth, it's ridiculous. It's like he was always here. They're a pretty funny pair, as he is (literally) one third of her weight - she weighs 12 pounds and he weighs 4 pounds. Sometimes she squishes him by accident, but they're working on it.
He's very sweet and he's a good guard bunny too! He was sitting in front of the door the other day and suddenly started thumping. I looked outside and realized a HUGE raccoon was sitting on our porch.
I thought this was a fun excuse to introduce the rest of my household, since Giles has had to put up with them all.
Well, that's Alice again. That is not how you should hold your bunny. Look at that indignant look on her poor face. We humiliate Alice a's just so much fun!
We have four dwarf hamsters (for now?). The female, Molly, lives alone, and then we have the three boys above, who are her sons. Al, Ollie and Jamie have been with us since they were a few days old, when they looked like this, and they are the sweetest hammies ever. Molly is a vicious little bugger but we love her anyway.
Carmen is our canary - she was a foster and never left. She is the spunkiest canary in the world, and has survived a stint in the wild, having her leg almost severed, and running into a window. She's totally fearless, which is a little odd for a bird the size of a ping-pong ball. Yeah, I don't know why she has five million bands either, they came with her.
Loki is our oldest, our cockatiel, and the only non-rescue. She is not too bright, but she's the sweetest, cuddliest bird in the world (she's snuggled up under my chin as I write this). Loki is extremely easily intimidated, and is scared of everything from the hamsters to the rabbits. Giles was immediately added to her List of Things to Run Away From.
Baily is our lovebird and a total lunatic. He came from a string of abusive/neglectful/ignorant homes and by the time he got to us, delivered in a woman's purse, he was a bit...insane. He's calmed down a bit but he still doesn't put up with anything and has firmly established himself as Boss of the House (below me). He has already put Giles in his place with a firm nip on the nose.
Loki and Bailey have a tumultuous love affair that's been off and on for about 2 years. It's very disturbing and we wish they'd stop.

And there we have it! A full house, but at least we're never lacking for entertainment. Giles has fit right in!
In other news, TAS South is having another adopt-a-thon, this time at Petsmart at Laird & Eglinton. It'll be next Saturday and Sunday (April 30th and May 1st), so come check it out!

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