Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Look Back

Pepper's adoption the other day marks the last of the apartment bunnies, so I thought it'd be fun to look back at the litter (and how long it took to get rid of them!). On a side note, I love that I said little Pepper looked like he'd have 'quite the personality'. If only I'd known!
If you don't know, Pepper's story started (we assume) with an accidental breeding. I guess his owners felt overwhelmed, because when they moved out, they left 7 young rabbits in the apartment. They called TAS and we ended up with all of them.
There were 5 males (seen above) and 2 females. Unfortunately the two females had to be put down. I assumed the five males would go super-fast (see the original blog post), as they were all cute and friendly.
Ha. This was on October 23rd.
Originally, the males were split. The two white boys, who would become Fred and George, got one cage. The Three Stooges, who were almost identical, got another (above). However, it turned out that Pepper beat the crap out of other rabbits so he got his own cage pretty fast.
Skipper was named after the butterfly marking on his nose. He was the most adventurous of the group, and the friendliest. He only lasted two months and got adopted in December.
Moe was the only one with no brown, just black and white. He was very shy but he was totally my favourite. He got sent to Rabbit Rescue, where - confusingly - he was renamed Skipper (there was a lot of confusion with these names). He was in RR for three months before being adopted by a great family in February, who sent me an update here.
Fred and George were with us for five and a half months, which is ridiculous because they were the cutest bunnies ever. They were finally adopted at the beginning of April.
And finally there was Pepper, who was my least favourite of the group and yet, since I was stuck with him for six months and he spent a few weeks in my house, I have to say I was pretty fond of him by the end. I am so glad he found a home at last on Thursday.
And with that, we can close the book on the apartment bunnies! Let's hope we never see any of them again except in happy update emails.

By the way, did I mention we have a rat at the shelter? His name is Pinocchio and he's a sweetie, so if you're looking for a rat, come on down!

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