Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Farewells

The Cat had to be euthanized a few days ago, after he went into liver failure. It wasn't a surprise - he had a lot of health problems and in the end, it was just too much. This old boy went through a lot, but I'm happy to say that in the end, he was comfortable and comforted. He got lots of scratches and love in his foster home for his last month, and I hope he was content as he passed on.
I'm very sad to say that Sunny also had to be put down recently. Sunny was surrendered to the shelter back in August 2009, and he was a super-sweet, cuddly older boy. He was finally adopted in December, only to be returned two months later. He was clearly depressed to be back in the shelter, and his awesome personality quickly disappeared. He stayed in the corner, not moving, not interested in people. And then recently, he started biting people when they tried to pet him. Four months had passed since he'd been returned, it was clear no one was going to adopt him, he was depressed and he was going to hurt someone.
Sunny was my favourite cat of all the ones I've known. If I could have a cat, I would have taken him long ago. I hate that he was overlooked for so long that it got to this point. If you're going to adopt, please look at older cats!


Social Mange said...

Deepest thanks to the foster home that took Luscious. Poor old man.

And poor Sammy.

Senior dogs and cats need more promo by shelters. They're awesome pets...and everything ages, including us, so we shouldn't shun them just because they won't be with us as long. Or because they remind us that all life has an end.

Anonymous said...

So sad about Sunny. He deserved a better life. I know he's happier and not alone on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Anonymous said...

I am crushed at hearing this news about Sunny. I am a volunteer dog walker at TAS and been for over 2 years now. I too was very fond of Sunny. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't adopted. Week after week he was there. It is always heartbreaking to see this. Now to know that he was put down!!! My emotions range from anger at the people who surrendered him, frustration at the people who adopted him then didn't give him enough time to adapt to his surroundings and gave up on him too quickly when the other cat "beat up on him". The pure sadness at knowing he was suffering and died alone. He didn't deserve this at all, no pet does. I really wish more effort had been made to get him into a foster home when it was noticed that his personality was deteriorating. Poor poor guy. I will say many a prayer for sweet Sunny, may he rest in peace now! This is so sad..shelter life can really suck can't it?


Anonymous said...

This is very very sad news for me!

My old cat passed away and I wanted to give an older cat a chance. I wanted to adopt Sunny at the end of May! But I was talked out of it because it was thought that he would not like my JRT puppy, chinchilla, and young kids. I was told he would be better suited for a quiet home.

So I adopted a 4 1/2 year old cat who grew up with a dog and kids. She is the perfect fit and my puppy loves her - they are best friends and sleep together too.

When I did not see Sunny on the TAS website, I thought he was finally adopted and I was so happy!

This is devastating news. Sunny was a beautiful cat and I really liked him. He had such a gorgeous coat and fluffy tail. When I petted him he would not stop licking me. This was at the end of May... so I am surprised that his personality turned so negative so quickly. Maybe he was getting sick? When my old cat was dying of cancer, he hid a lot in a corner and was grumpy.

I feel so bad for Sunny! This very sad news makes me cry!

Sunny was such a sweetie and I am sure he is happy at Rainbow Bridge playing with all the other dearly loved pets.