Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Pack of Pocket Pets

Are you ready for the ridiculous amount of rodents available from our shelter right now?
My momma hamster, Minerva, is still waiting. She is honestly the sweetest hamster ever, I hope she doesn't languish in the Room for too long.
Louise (up above) and Thelma (below) have been separated from their babies and are finally ready for homes. These two girls are a bit traumatized at losing the little ones, I think - they seemed a little shocked. They are very sweet and very bonded. I hope someone takes them soon!
Cappuccino is all grown up now. I'm happy to say that Bianca has been adopted and will now live at a vet clinic as their resident hamster! Of the six pack, Bianca, Cinnamon and Smokey have all found wonderful homes. That's half of them! Cappuccino and Coffee are at the shelter, while Ginger remains at my house.
Coffee (above) and Cappuccino now look exactly alike. Cappuccino is much calmer, and a male, while Coffee is faster and female. Otherwise - twins!
Hudson and Arizona are our adult male rats, a bonded pair of 6-mos-olds. They are very sweet and quite shy, and quite fat.
Lilith, definitely our shyest hamster, is now at the shelter as well, waiting for a home. She is one of the prettiest hamsters I've ever seen, and while she is skittish, she's also a character. We almost kept her - she has a lovely personality.
Then we have our baby rats. I'm absolutely thrilled to say that the two female babies were adopted to that wonderful foster home who took Miss Maisy at the start of all this craziness! There are 7 baby boys left who need homes (five of them pictured above).
Hey, remember Kyle and Speedy? I tend to forget about them, but they are nice boys, and all grown up as well. This little pair is a little shy but are perfectly good little hammies.
Oh, and we're still not done, because we have another freaking hamster. This is Twinkle, she's a tiny little black dwarf whose owners gave her up for some ridiculous reason. She's very friendly and frankly adorable.

And that's it! Oh no, wait - there's also the five babies (not really anymore) in foster care. Oy.


Nic - TAS South said...

Hey Laura!

Forgot to mention that some of our small domestics were featured on Cityline today. Snowflake, Thelma, Minerva and one of the baby rats (the audience named him Stewart) all made appearances on a segment addressing children and pets. Not sure of the air date, but I will keep you posted!


Laura HP said...

Hey Nic!

That's awesome! Do you know which baby it was? Stewart is an adorable name.
Thanks for letting me know!

Nic - TAS South said...

Yep - I can pick him out easily enough. He has distinct head markings; quite different from all his siblings :)

Grace R. said...

I'm a bit in love with Arizona and Hudson. They're so handsome! Fostering Miss Thelma, Miss Louise and the babies really warmed us up to rats, and if we had any type of housing for them, or could afford to get some, I'd seriously consider snatching them up. Alas, here we are. Hope they find a great home soon!

Anonymous said...

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