Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back in Business

I was out of town for a week working at a music camp. It's amazing what you can miss in a week! There are some weeks where a million things happen at once in the Room, and of course that was one of them. I had a steady stream of texts and emails keeping me updated, but still, it was nice to be back.
Up above is my fancy new whiteboard. Much easier to keep track of the billion animals living in my house! Now everyone can see how behind I am with taking my lovebird to the vet (he's going this month, I swear).
After I posted about our herd of rodents, almost all of them got adopted! Cappuccino was adopted, and then the next day, Minerva and Coffee were adopted together (although obviously not in the same cage). Apparently their names got mixed up in the process, so Minerva is now Coffee and Coffee is now Minerva. That's totally fine, because it sounds like they got a great home!
Twinkle got adopted (I assume, since she's gone), but sadly I have to report that Lilith passed away. We don't know what happened, but she was always so sensitive about being touched, I have to wonder if something was going on internally. Either way, I hated hearing that - she was possibly my favourite foster hamster and I was hoping she'd find a great home.
That means we only have two hamsters left at the shelter - Kyle (above) and Speedy, the not-so-little-anymore dwarf brothers. At least, until I bring more fosters back (Friday!).
On the rat front, I'm absolutely thrilled to say that Thelma and Louise were adopted! Two of their male babies were also adopted to a great home, where they were named after periodic table elements (awesome!). That leaves only five babies!
It's easy to tell the boys apart now, so I've given them names and bios. That's Timbit (on the left) and Templeton up there - those two are so attached to each other, I really hope they get adopted as a pair. There's also Teddy, Toby and Tennant waiting for homes (all 'T' after their adoptive aunt Thelma).
We have another dove! What the heck? I think doves must be getting up in popularity, because all the shelters are getting them pretty regularly now. Anyway, I (very creatively) named this one Angel, and s/he's a sweetheart.
A friend of mine once said about the shelter, "This place, you can't live with it, you can't live without it." And it's true. A week doesn't seem like much, but I felt really out of the loop - not to mention, all my foster babies were huge when I got back!
It's nice to be back in business.

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Caroline said...

Hi Laura,

Glad you are back safe and sound, we missed you!