Thursday, September 9, 2010

Names & Faces

With only five baby rats left at the shelter, it's finally possible to tell them apart and give them names. I much prefer being able to know them individually rather than as a mass of wiggling babies.
Toby has a white spot on his forehead. He's quite the little wanderer, always in a separate corner from his brothers - he gets along with them fine, but he also likes to explore while they'd rather be sleeping!
Timbit (the one on the left) looks almost identical to Toby, except he has two little spots on his back. He is a big snuggler, and as I said yesterday, I hope he gets adopted with Templeton. They are an adorable pair.
Templeton is our little houdini! He spends half his time hanging from the top of the cage, trying to escape. Here's a cute story - he did escape a few weeks ago, and after some frantic searching, I found him in Arizona and Hudson's cage. The little boy was snuggled between the two massive males, fast asleep. The big boys were quite upset when I took Templeton out!
Tennant partially got his name because I found it in the shelter's baby book, and partially because I love David Tennant. This little guy is very playful and fun to watch. He's always on the move!
Teddy looks a lot like Tennant, but the stripe on his face is much thicker. Teddy's also shyer and can usually be found hiding under his siblings.
These guys are so much fun. You know, we used to dread getting even one rat, because they were so hard to adopt out. But now that we've 'tapped in' to the rat community in Ontario, the hamsters are more of a problem! I love the Internet.

I bet most of these guys will be gone by next weekend, but if they're not, we'll be taking them to the adopt-a-thon. Yup - we're having another adopt-a-thon at Kennel Cafe! If it's even half as successful as the last one, it'll be fantastic.
The summer is over, and things are going well!

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