Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Transfer Central

In my completely unbiased opinion, TAS South is one of the best, if not the best, shelters in the city for small animals. We move them out quickly, so we often find ourselves taking in small animals from the other TAS locations.
Annabelle was surrendered to the North York shelter with two babies. When they were old enough, the whole family became available for adoption. Annabelle and her two kids arrived at South last Monday.
Cinnamon is one of Annabelle's kids. A quiet little girl, she's a bit shy but really darling. She's at Petsmart and I bet she'll be gone by the end of the week.
Cocoa, her sister, is a ball of bouncing energy. She's at Petsmart with Cinnamon - I sort of hope they go together, they make a cute couple.
Then yesterday, the Scarborough location transferred two female rabbits to us. Sweet Pea here was a total grouch while I was taking her photo, grunting at everything including the camera. She wasn't aggressive in any way, just irritable, but I have to wonder if her name was meant ironically.
Friday is the other girl from Scarborough. Isn't she adorable? I love rabbits with faces like that - they look like wild hares, and they're all wiry and have such interesting personalities. Friday was quite scared to be in a new place, but very sweet.
And finally, seven dwarf hamsters were transferred to us from North on Monday. It's a litter, and thankfully the males and females were separate so no chance of pregnancy. There's a pair of females (Happy and Bashful), a pair of males (Doc and Sneezy) and a group of three males (Dopey seen below, Grumpy and Sleepy, above).
A friend of mine at the shelter joked that if we didn't get rabbits from the other locations, we'd be empty. It's an exaggeration, but not by much! I have to say I'm rather proud that we can step up to help the other shelters - it means we're doing something right with our small animals.

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