Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Cheer

The holidays are for feel-good stories and happiness, right? So let's have an extravaganza of updates! I have so many piling up in my inbox, it's great. Here we go:
That's our girl Coraline in her new home! She is bonded with their other bunny, Boxer (who was adopted from Rabbit Rescue). I've gotten a couple of great updates from her new family:
The bonding went very well and Boxer and Coraline are getting along famously...not to mention also being spoiled (as any pet should be).
Coraline continues to thrive and show us new things she has learned each day. I must admit I never thought I would find myself having to out think a bunny! Furthermore, the affection that she and Boxer clearly share for each other is heart warming.
Yesterday I even saw them 'sharing' a brussel sprout. They were sitting about 6" apart with the sprout between them. One would take a munch out of it which would result in it rolling to the other who would then take a much and it would roll back. The bunny equivalent of Lady and Tramp sharing a strand of spaghetti!
Thanks again for taking such good care of Coraline (as well as the other animals that come your way).

I'm so glad she found such a great home after all she went through. And check out her living quarters! Penning is such a wonderful alternative to caging, Boxer and Coraline clearly have it made:
Continuing the hoarder theme, I also have an update on Sherlock! To refresh your memory, Sherlock was a very scared little guy who was probably the father of Coraline's babies.
Sherlock is doing great. He was shy at first but he's really gotten out of his shell. He's even started eating from my hand! He loves hopping around and is very fast. He loves his bed nest but is not too fond of carrots. He loves jumping on piles of stuffed toys and putting his toys in his water dish. He is a silly rabbit that I have come to love.
He loves listening to tv shows and music - he jumps on top of his wooden house and lies down with his legs out just listening (very cute!). He has a lovely personality and I am very happy I was able to take him home. And one more thing - he seems to listen to us more when we call him Sir Sherlock than Sherlock.
And how about an update on Swiffer & Sparkles, who were dumped so coldly by that woman? They've found a great home:
For weeks I looked at the picture of Swiffer on the website, then a new one came out and I was smitten, by both of them. I had a number of commitments and I didn't have the time to spend with a new pet, so I crossed my fingers and waited. December came and the girls were moved into the Pet Valu store; I became kind of frantic worrying that someone else would get them. I realized that I already thought of them as my own. On December 7, the second I finished work I booted it to King & Duffering (after picking up some fresh parsley). They were there waiting for me.
I remember after getting home holding them both, one in each hand, they snuffled into my neck and I got stereo singing. It was like nothing else. I love them both so much.
They have had a name change - Sparkles is now Manuela and Swiffer is Burnadette. The names are from a BBC show called Black Books. Manny is still very skittish, but is so sweet. Burn is always the first to come out of the house to check things out, getting first dibs on veggies.
Thanks for taking care of my girls until they could come home.

Isn't that great? Those girls are really going to be appreciated now.
I have some more updates, including a really super one on a very woolly rabbit who was adopted before he was even posted on here, but I'm running out of room so I'll have to save them for another post! But to round out this good news post, how about some awesome recent adoptions?
The wonderful Mr Lewis, who had been waiting three long months, was adopted just before Christmas! His awesome new family already had three TAS rabbits at home. They had adopted Pongo and Ariel from us before, and apparently those two have become a bonded pair! It was great to hear how they were doing - Lewis is going to be a spoiled boy.
Winnie the guinea pig, Dottie the rabbit and the four dwarf hamster girls (Comet, Blitzen, Prancer and Dancer) were all adopted in the last week, but most importantly:
Bellatrix has been adopted!!
She was adopted right before Christmas. And do you know what that means? Six months after that hoarder dumped an avalanche of small animals on us, it's over. Some went to Rabbit Rescue, some had to be euthanized, and two died despite our best efforts, but all TWENTY-SIX of the adoptable ones have now found homes!
And that is a pretty good Christmas present.
Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Good photo of a rabbit pen as an alternative to a cage. I am a first time rabbit owner and just adopted a rabbit from TAS. I have been following this blog for almost a year and it really has helped me to learn all about rabbits. I am surprised how easily my bunny is litter trained and currently free range on a carpet surface in his own room. He has not made any mistakes in a week and always goes to his litter box with wood shavings and hay. I did not know rabbits will go where ever you place the hay. Thanks Laura, it works!

I am so glad Ariel found a good home. She was the pretty rabbit with attitude that was missing part of her ear! Thanks for adopting Lewis too!