Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here's to 2010

Another year is here! New Years is a time of new beginnings and hope for the future, so I thought I'd just do a photo post today. Each photo is of an animal who was adopted in 2010, and listed beneath each photo is a link to their update from their new owners. Each animal here got a new start in 2010, and I think that's a pretty good way to kick off 2011!
Above are my boys Magic (born in foster care) & Captain Jack (arrived at two weeks old) enjoying a New Year's treat. I posted about Magic here and Captain Jack here.
Barney arrived at the shelter as a stray in May and was adopted a month later. Update here.
Fuzzy was only at the shelter for two weeks before being adopted. Update here.
Dobby was rescued as a newborn from the hoarder. Update here.
Cat, a poofy little Lionhead, was adopted at one of our adopt-a-thons. Update here.
Cinnamon was rescued from the hoarder at five weeks old. Update here.
Sugar was surrendered by her owners as a four-year-old. Update here.
Chloe, one of my favourite rabbits, was left in a cage on the street. Update here.
Smudge was adopted after a month at the shelter. Update here (also an update on Big Ben the hoarder rat).
Hedwig was one of the newborns rescued from the hoarder.Update here (plus Ashley the rabbit).
And finally, Emma, who waited two months at the shelter because she was a little shy. Update here.

And that's not even counting the updates we get in person, or on the phone, or through other people.
You see some really callous people at the shelter, but you also see the best of the best. 2010 was an interesting year, with hoarders and lots of babies and a strange amount of chinchillas and doves, but in the end, our adoptions went noticeably up! I'm going to post the official numbers soon, but it was a marked improvement. So yay, TAS South!
Here's to 2010, and here's hoping 2011 is even better!

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MacphailMaverickTL said...

Thank you Laura for an upbeat start to 2011. We'll send more photos for your updates soon!