Friday, January 21, 2011

Adoption Stats for TAS South

I have AWESOMETAQULAR news! I recently received the adoption numbers for 2010 at TAS South, and they are pretty darn amazing. Check it out!
Number of Dogs Adopted (2009): 342 
Number of Dogs Adopted (2010): 391
Simple math reveals that in the past year, 49 more dogs got adopted than the year before. That's 49 more dogs who are now in loving homes, being cuddled and praised and spoiled rotten. That number includes all varieties of dogs - from Jack (above), an amiable lab to Daisy, a non-house-trained dog with many issues who almost seemed unadoptable at one point. It includes sheepdogs and cocker spaniels and shih tzus and German shepherds and everything else.
That is pretty awesome but wait! It gets even better.
Number of Cats Adopted (2009): 883
Number of Cats Adopted (2010): 1029 
That is a lot of cats! That means that in the past year, 146 more cats found homes than in 2009. Over one thousand cats got a second chance last year thanks to TAS South. That number includes Brixton (in the top photo, the yawning one) who waited months and months, and it includes Smurf (in this photo) who waited all of one week. 
That number includes Oscar (above) who found a loving home despite being 13 years old. It includes all the cats in this post, these three tabbies,and these tabbies too.
It includes Pirate, the one-eyed kitten, and Barton and Panther and Sweeper and Moose & Ormond, Hershey, Wheezer, Raymond, Miriam, Guthrie, Dave, Lanie, Jasper, Eartha, and hundreds and hundreds more.
And here's the best part of all!
Number of Small Animals Adopted (2009): 169
Number of Small Animals Adopted (2010): 287
The number of small animal adoptions has almost DOUBLED! It's increased by 118 animals! That's a really amazing number, and I am so proud of TAS South. I don't need to specify what animals were involved in this number (since that's what this blog is about), but a lot of animals that might not normally get a second chance now have loving homes!
Our adoption numbers in all three departments have been increasing steadily for 4 years. The small animal jump this year is really exceptional, but the situation at TAS South in general is just awesome. We have dedicated staff and volunteers, and the adopting public is starting to recognize that! You know, I never say this, but I am really proud to volunteer at this shelter. Of course it's not perfect, but thanks to everyone's hard work, hundreds and hundreds of animals get a second chance.
We've already had 10 small animal adoptions in 2011. I can't wait to see those stats go up even more!


Anonymous said...

That is so amazing! Thanks Laura for all the updates and your efforts to promote the animals at TAS South! I adopted two last year because I followed your blog after adopting two hamsters and took a real interest in the other animals you wrote about. Even though I ended up adopting animals not posted in your blog, your blog made me want to visit the shelter to find my companion animal. I love them all so dearly and they are truly spoiled and happy! Thsnks, Christina

gracerock said...

This says something pretty amazing about TAS South and the volunteers, but also says something very sad about the City of Toronto that this many animals needed rescue and rehoming...and the numbers are increasing! When will people learn?! Until that time, TAS South will be there doing their part. Congrats on your successes, and we are also proud to be part of such a great volunteer team (though in a much smaller way!). Keep up the good work in 2011 :)

Kate said...

Oh that rabbit looks so white. My first rabbit was white and too bad he is already gone. I just found him in the rabbit hutch so sick. I think he was poisoned. Anyway I just hope all of them will find a home and a family to love them.

Fred said...

Thanks for posting the numbers, Laura. I knew about the dog number but am amazed at the cat numbers. Very very excellent.