Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Every Day is Canada Day!

Sure, I said I'd post them 'tomorrow'...four days ago. And sure, Canada Day was actually almost a week ago. Shouldn't we celebrate our country every day?
Here are the Canada Day photos at last!
This is my absolute favourite, I think. Emily here is our new cockatiel, she is hand trained and super sweet, and co-operative enough to pose for this silly photo.
This was our original set-up, with Snickers posing charmingly in front. However, we decided it wasn't QUITE Canadian enough, so we upgraded...
CANADA! That's Squeak, our skinny pig. I know, a skinny pig! That's the first time we've got one since I started. I believe we sent him over to the Humane Society today.
We had lots of Canadiana (at least, we had lots of cheap Canadiana from a dollar store!). Here's Jenny the guinea pig with a hocky puck (she's sitting on the stick). Jenny was adopted over the weekend!
We also had this 'Canada' bucket and a 'Canada' pencil...because pencils and buckets are very traditional parts of this country. That's Sapphire (one of Ruby's older kids), who was fascinated by the bucket.
Chupa, who's usually a little shy, was one of the most co-operative bunnies. Of course, that was thanks to some apple slices. Ha, usually our bribery isn't so obvious in the photos!
Marigold, one of our babies, was adorable as usual. She's extremely good-natured, considering she was being given away in an underpass.
This isn't the best photo, but it's hilarious. We had this headband with sparkly Canadian flags sticking off it, and we put it on Marie Antoinette. I don't think she was too pleased, but amazingly she stood still for the photo.

And there we go! Happy (very belated) Canada Day!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that someone would go through the touble of getting a skinny pig and then dump him @ a shelter, you have to go to breeders to get a skinny pig.
I love my GPs but skinnies kind of freak me out.

Caroline said...

Great photo shoot and props!

MZMollyTL said...

I was also surprised to see Squeak the skinny pig. Why did he get sent to the Humane Society Laura? (I bought my first skinny pig seven years ago from Toronto Animal Services and fell in love with the hypoallergenic fellows ever since then. We've got three vocal boys at our house right now - otherwise, I would be sorely tempted to pick up Squeak!)

Laura HP said...

MZMollyTL - We've set up a partnership with THS so that when we're overflowing, we can send them small animals. We usually send them special needs or rarer species/breeds, because they're more set up for specialized care. They also have nicer set-ups for guinea pigs so he'll be more comfortable in the long run!