Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rabbits in the Spotlight

A few days ago, I emailed the reporter who did the story on the hamsters to thank him for everything. I attached a photo of our baby bunnies and added that we were now overwhelmed with rabbits. Well, not five minutes later, I got an email from his colleague Valerie Hauch - she wanted to do a story on them!
The article was posted in the GTA section of the the Toronto Star's website. It didn't make it into the print version, but it was great that Ms Hauch took the time to cover our little baby boom!
Even better, it was picked up by the free paper Metro:
Metro posted a shortened version of the article on the front page of their web site and printed it in on the second page of the daily paper. Hilariously, I was edited out of the short version and they spelled my name wrong on the website for the photo. Fame is fleeting, I guess!
The phone at the shelter was ringing off the hook the first day. It won't be the instant success the hamster situation was, because the rabbit litters are spaced out and many of them won't be ready to be spayed/neutered for months. But we should get some adoptions (and donations!) out of it.

Thanks to the Toronto Star for once again giving us a helping hand! We are very lucky to get so much attention for our small animals. It gives people a heads up that we actually have small animals for adoption.
It does have a downside though - as people realize we take small animals, they use us more as a dumping ground. This summer has been absolutely insane, and we just got another batch of hamsters the other day with a very sad story to tell.
And yes, if you read that article and wondered about that litter under the porch, they are yet more new arrivals! I have a lot of stories to write about this week.

It's been a while, but it's time for a holiday shoot this weekend - Canada Day photos tomorrow!

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