Friday, August 13, 2010

One Month Old!

My baby bunnies were a month old yesterday! I haven't posted photos of them since they were only two weeks old (you can also see them at 1 day, 1 week and 12 days). What a difference!
When they were fifteen days old, we took them to the vet for the first time. They were just tagging along - it was their momma who needed attention. Coraline has always wheezed a bit, and since having her babies, she's been grunting and wheezing while breathing, so we took her in to check her out.
Coraline wasn't too pleased (probably her first vet visit ever), but the babies had a great time being passed around to everyone in the vet clinic. They were a bit hit. They also got to explore - Stripe, of course, is our little adventurer, and she was all over the place.
By three weeks, their ears were up and their eyes were wide open. Look at those wiggling pink noses! Ok, you can't tell they're wiggling in the photo, but trust me.
They were also incredibly fluffy. Coraline is an awesome mom. They are already chowing down on pellets and hay (and even greens, which is...questionable), but she's still nursing and grooming, keeping everyone fat and happy and clean.
Coraline's vet tests were inconclusive, so we're hoping it's just the stress of raising babies, combined with a sensitive respiratory system. She is very active and friendly as ever, and her babies have inherited her outgoing personality.
At four weeks, they have these huge, almost cartoon-y eyes. All their eyes are brown except Patch, whose eyes are this beautiful blue-grey colour.
The blackies are still almost completely identical, but their personalities are really starting to shine. One of them (the one in the photo) is crazy active, loves exploring and gets into everything!
Patch is the most gorgeous baby - he has these beautiful markings and ears, and those big eyes! He is the most laid-back of the babies, and tends to just sit there while the others crawl all over him.
Stripe is the complete opposite of Patch. She never stays still for longer than two seconds. She's always jumping, running, nosing into things. She's a character!
It's amazing how fast they grow. Only a few more weeks until it's time to wean!

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Caroline said...

Hey Laura,

you should make a calendar with the baby bunny pictures. They're great!